Take Your Gamecube Anywhere With This Portable Mod

Take a moment and think about your favorite games that came out of the console system. All of those good times playing Super Mario Bros. and Rogue Squadron 2, right? After the nostalgia wears off, think about if you had the option to take that experience with you wherever you go and voila! A portable Gamecube mod fully equipped with an LCD display and controls salvaged from the original console controller. An impressive feat to be sure, but let’s look at the guts.

The design here is actually pretty straightforward. Thanks to the ever so tiny discs that the Gamecube took advantage of it lends itself to portability and the disc reader is located just under the LCD screen for easy access. Even the back plate is put together well, sporting a Nintendo logo and a depiction of Mario and Yoshi. You’ll also be sporting a built in memory card, brightness and volume adjustments, along with something Nintendo took awhile to grasp, a headphones slot. If you’re wondering  where the battery pack goes, keep on wondering, because there isn’t one. Considering how many vehicles have standard plugs these days though I don’t find it to be that big of a drawback. This particular model was made on commission but the author stated he’d be willing to make more. According to the original creator the next portable Gamecube he creates will have “the works” so perhaps a battery powered model will be available in the future.

If you’re wondering about price I was able to dig up the figures from the original post. According to the creator this model was sold for $750 USD, 500 British Currency. Pretty steep to be sure but putting together a portable console ain’t exactly a walk in the park. I’d seriously consider getting one if they could slap a battery pack on that thing, which of course is a possibility for future models. Feedback on the original post has been widely positive, although a few have pointed out the lack of batteries means its not technically portable (really?). Now the Gamecube was a small system to begin with, but I wonder how well you could convert over other consoles like the Xbox 360. If you’re a regular Walyou reader you’ve likely seen something like this before. This PS3 Laptop shows that newer consoles can also be made portable…you’ll just need your own laptop case to carry them!

Via: Slash Gear