R2D2 Heineken Robot Sculpture

Being one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars series despite the ability to only communicate in a serious of obnoxious beeps, it’s no surprise that R2-D2 has been built or recreated in a variety of ways. You probably haven’t seen him quite like this form, however, where one creative individual put together a Heineken R2-D2 using just the beer can and a few knick knacks. Talk about function over form.

Now this “BeertooD2” is put together after “several mugs of liquid inspiration.” Nice. Beertoo has a 4.7 liter keg can body with the prominent Heineken logo (I’ll take a stout, thank you) and a chrome tractor headlight dome. He’s also setup with vintage shoe polisher legs and feet salvaged from mini bread loaf pans. As the creator so kindly states, “may the force beer with you.” See what he did there? Or do we need some more terrible puns for your amusement?! Commentators appeared to be fans of the piece as well. I’ll spare you most of the details but there were a lot of variations of “fantastic” and “awesome!” The creator, Lockwasher, actually puts together a number of different pieces like this and uses garage sales, flea markets, and family and friends to put together his works. No one ever said creating things out of beer cans was easy!

star wars r2d2 heineken keg

I’m always happy to see R2-D2 put together in new and interesting ways. We’ve already seen a Mr. Potato Head R2D2 complete with a Leia “spud” companion (I’d argue that technically he’s a Mr. Potato head with a few droid parts slapped on) and a do it yourself R2-D2 for those of you who have a tremendous amount of time and resources on hand. What’s next? I think I’d like to see an R2-D2 Car, probably made out of a Volkswagen Beetle. The bubbly shape would lend itself it to a droid overhaul, and the horn could be modified to make annoying R2 beeping sounds instead. Would anyone like to volunteer their Beetle to be a guinea pig? None of you actually drive a Beetle….do you?

star wars r2d2 heineken beer

Via: 9GAG