The Invisible Playing Cards Bring Transparency To poker

At first sight the concept of a pack of invisible playing cards may sound bizarre and illogical, but once you’ve taken a closer look they are not all that bad, in fact the design is a fresh outlook towards an otherwise boring (and predictable) world of card design.

invisible playing cards

These playing cards discard their traditional opaqueness to trade it in for a clear contemporary look which actually looks a bit futuristic and just to make them more suited to the Friday night poker game the makers of the cards have gone and made them completely waterproof ensuring that one spilled drink won’t ruin an entire night of poker.

waterproof large

A strong competitor to the invisible playing cards would be this pack of glazed black playing cards but resistance to water couped together with the plastic carrying case (as opposed to the usual cardboard ones) they come in would definitely give them the leading edge. But as with most radical designs being taken seriously is a big problem and the designers of this unique pack of cards are hellbent on letting the world know that their product is not just another pretty design (hence the inclusion of the plastic carrying case which are mainly used by casinos).

waterproof playing cards

To conclude with it must be said that these invisible cards could be conquering poker tables the world over in the not to distant future but with stiff competition from designs such as the iPhone playing cards the realization of this dream may take longer than expected  (even if they retail for just $7.50)

hands holding cards largecards large