Miniature Steampunk Tank Is Artistic Recycled Creation

It is well known that war and brutality often inspires art and so do weapons and machines of destructions. A rustic metallic tank rolling down a street may signal beginning or end of a war. If you are a fan of steampunk and war collectibles then you would love this Miniature Steampunk Tank created by Rafa Maya.

Steampunk miniature tank1

Like everything else war weaponry and machines have become modernized and sophisticated, but war tanks still look very much same.  War tanks are a reminder of steampunk era because of their metallic structure.  It is difficult to believe that Rafa Maya has created amazing Miniature Steampunk Tank using cardboard, recycled plastic and paint only. The metallic finish and rustic shades are perfect and needless to say this one is flawless artistic creation.

Steampunk miniature tank2

What is more stunning is the dimension – this tank is only 75 x 65 x 65mm. One can buy this miniature from Diarment Creations for $41 and cannot ignore that there is an eco-factor too for the artist has used recycled plastic.

Hope we all learn to create art from all the junk and hatred maybe that’s the only way to save our planet from environmental degradation and wars. Steampunk fans will love Black Widow Steampunk Chopper and Outlandish Steampunk Masks.