The Disney Villains Tattoo: An Evil Fairytale in Ink

Getting inked seems like the perfect way to bring out your personality in front of others. And if you dig Disney animated flicks and wish to highlight your aggressive nature what’s better than this wicked Disney Villains Tattoo designed to breathe Evil from your arm!Disney Villains Tattoo

This Villainous tattoo includes five of the biggest baddies Disney movies have ever seen. With the evil Queen from Snow White right in the center holding a tray with the poisoned apple all set to send Snow White into her deep slumber, the tattoo includes four other horrifying characters.

With Ursula from The Little Mermaid at the back, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and Hades from Hercules on the left and the horrifying Captain Hook from Peter Pan on the right this Tattoo will send the shivers down any Disney fan’s spine.

Using shades of green and violet the tattoo brings out an evil spirit in itself. The baddies have been inked to perfection without leaving out a single element and the individual color schemes supplement these hellish souls. It’s like you’re watching an evil scene from all the five Disney films at once. Scary ain’t it?

So Disney lover’s what are you’ll waiting for? Get your own favorite good or evil Disney characters tattooed and share your love for Disney films with the world!

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via: inkarttattoos.