Cool 3D Anime Toy Figure Packs Heat!

Animation has grown leaps and bounds thanks to developments in technology, and to create a character using these new technologies is like a child’s play for an artist.

packing heat 1

However, to create a character one needs imagination and no technology can actually give that, for it is inborn. Norio Fujikawa has created a cool 3D rendition of a character called Soma, packing heat.

packing heat 3

The helmet is a futuristic and transparent sphere that cover’s the fighter’s head, and the character comes with a grimace on the face that makes him less scary and more cute. He holds two automatic weapons which seem to make him slightly menacing and his expressions vaguely remind you of Manga or Anime characters.

packing heat 5

packing heat 7

Of course, the Japanese inscriptions on his body are enough to indicate that he is inextricably related to the Japanese animation circuits of Anime and Manga. This anatomically incorrect character could be a great toy, if available commercially. You could also check out the Chogokin Figure, Evangelion Kubrick Figures Display Case, and Ayanami Rei Fashion Dolls.