Tetris Runners Need to Stay in Shape, Too!

Running at your next charity event (you guys and gals do run right? Be honest.) next to a bunch of Tetris blocks may seem like a trippy dream I had last week, but these Tetris runners are all about the business, as you can see. I’m always bemused by the small groups of people who collaborate to do something a little whacky, like whoever did the Pacman video at Video Games Live. You know the one, where someone dressed up as Pac-man running away from some guys dressed up as ghosts? Classic.

Plus you’d have to be in damn good shape if you expect to complete a run of any significant length in a Tetris block costume, it wouldn’t exactly be aerodynamic and you’d roast on the inside once you made it out over 20 yards. Still, there sheer hilarity of it might actually make it worth it. More points to you if you can go the distance wearing these Michael Jackson LED shoes too, but mind the blisters, that would be a serious ouch. Of course you’d have to bust out some headphones with the Tetris theme song on repeat for the entire away. Now that I think about it, I think that theme song fits running perfectly. It’s paced right, monotonous, and horribly repetitive, yet you can’t quite seem to slip away from it. It entices you, and there is no denying it. Or it’ll make you want to go play Tetris, that’s a distinct possibility too.

Be sure to pick a temperate area if you’re going to pull a stunt like this though, no one wants to walk around in a heavy duty Tetris block costume in 90 degree heat with 100 percent humidity. No one. Of course the tags on the picture state that this is in the San Francisco Bay area, which as we know has an insanely high cost of living precisely because the weather is so full of awesome (and they have cool trolleys, who doesn’t enjoy a trolley ride?).

Via: 4eyed