Hardcore Gaming Girl is Taking it a Bit Far!

They say girls just want to have fun, but this hardcore gaming girl doesn’t seem like she is having so much of it…even though she seems ready for aPC gaming war.

I am not sure if she is getting ready for battle, just lost her record or is seen after a World of Warcraft marathon, but the screen itself shows she has a passion for gaming. And for that, she should be saluted.

hardcore gaming girl image

Thanks Mike for the image!

94 thoughts on “Hardcore Gaming Girl is Taking it a Bit Far!

  1. David Guerra.

    If that was a 6 or 8+ MP monitor I would be impressed, but those cost some 40 or 50 thousand dollars. If it’s not one of those, it’s just a regular LCD screen with a 1920×1080 (2 MP) resolution, just like any 100$, 22″ monitor. The pixels are bigger, but the desktop area is exactly the same. A 2560×1600, 30″ monitor would be worlds better.

  2. goatonastik.

    Uhm, she’s using a trackball, with the ARROW KEYS, and she’s playing half life 2 deathmatch. About as far as you can get from hardcore gamer I’m afraid 🙁

    Probably her BF’s setup, too :p

  3. Rick.

    She looks a lot like the one shook her kid when he interrupted her Farmville game, then she had a smoke to cool off, but shook the kid again to death. Not kidding. 3 months old and also hit his head.

  4. Sanjay.

    Or some gamer sat her down in front of his rig and she’s looking at the camera thinking “take your picture so i can gtfo”

  5. Rik.

    Whats wrong with that? I’m using a 107cm 1080p LCD tv for my monitor too. and I’m starting feel as though it’s smallish.

  6. Doug.

    who cares about the WASD… anyone who thinks if you don’t use WASD you fail…. is a fail please go shoot yourselves and make the world a better place

      1. FailOrDie.

        Haha, why is it fail to use arrows?
        I do it, and my gaming mouse has all the hotkeys I need. And if she’s a healer, then an addon is all you need…

        1. Rick.

          Well, if you’re left handed, then arrows are much better. I also use the right ctrl, right shift, return, delete, end, page down, insert and enter key. I use all 5 fingers as well.

  7. caze269.

    I’m surprised (1) that I’m actually commenting on this and (2) that no one has commented on the second trackball near the right hand book the flat panel is sitting on, the fact that it sitting on books, the remote for the flat panel, the loose end of the Cat 5 cable hanging over what appears to be a box and going somewhere behind the screen, or the ghost that is sitting in the chair behind the rails just above her head.

  8. demandedcargo.

    My monitor my not be quite as big (though at 27 inches most would find it more than adequate) but I could probably whop this chump’s a**.

  9. impact.

    1. using arrow-keys instead of wasd is (even with HL2) a pain in the ass

    2. using a trackball for playing shooters is a pain in the ass too – even if you were so used to it that you could use it accurately, it doesn’t have the same range of the mouse (ie. you WILL have to readjust your thumb/fingers very often which hurts accuracy and speed)

    3. look at how small she is and where the screen is facing. It is CLEARLY not adjusted for her, otherwise she would suffer from neckpain after playing for like an hour already

  10. Somarinoa.

    Sweet! Wow, I was actually considering doing this with my 42″ flatscreen television…you know, before my former pal/roommate/whatever sold it out from under me.

    …what a jerk.

  11. xxxxlesliexxxx.

    OMG! You people are thinking way too much into this photo. talking about what keys shes using…seriously? I admit I didn’t get the hardcore gamer girl name either as I use my large flat screens as monitors often. However who cares about the keys and the pic? I was expecting to see something cool and all I see is some random chick using a large flat screen monitor. Should be named something different and sent into failed Photo oblivion but due to the name I just wasted 5 mins of my life! LOL

  12. Kat.

    I have been gaming for most of my life and feel compelled to add that in the whole “arrow keys” vs. WASD argument you are all forgetting one more option. I use a Nostromo pad- (affectionatley called my geek pad)This has 36 customizable keys right at the tips of my fingers. Between that and my mouse I really have no need for the keyboard.

    I dont even use the bloody keyboard unless I feel like chatting it up.

  13. stan_n1.

    i use arrows, im left-handed and in the 90 arrows was only way to play, the wsad keyboard-play-system emerge mainly when quake 2 was on stage.

  14. A.

    I’m a gamer and I use arrow keys. It’s because I use my right hand though (using WASD with my right hand just feels too awkward).

  15. Rhubarb.

    they took their tv and put it on their ghetto desk. this is a far cry from a 6 monitor eyefinity setup. after all, her resolution is still only 1080.

  16. VeXun.

    Dude, she’s using a trackball mouse. I haven’t ever seen a pro gamer using anything like that lol. I’m not saying shes not a hardcore gamer, mabey she spends all her time gaming but it’s a matter of having skill or not. Doesn’t matter what you are using. Except a trackball, I’d like to see a 180º headshot using that lol…

  17. coccon.

    wasd keys used cause you can access most of other keys to different functions like 1.2.3. or E and F the most used keys for a weapon selection or action

  18. pctech333.

    Awesome. I would soooo marry this chick lol jk But that is awesome. I have a 42inch LCD TV as a monitor for gaming on my PC 🙂

  19. Sarah.

    Um..yeah..so big freakin deal..she’s not using WASD?!?! Every true gamer knows its not in the keys you use..but in how well you play the game….

  20. SpaceDazee.

    Thank you internet for reminding me why I don’t usually read the comments anymore.

    I don’t see why it would be staged.. makes it seems like girls can’t enjoy gaming too ‘hardcore’ or not. “OMG!!1!!one!! LMAOBBQWTF! She uses the arrow keys! She can’t be a hardcore gamer so this pic is obviously so FAKE! She was so cropped in the picture! Girls only play Barbie Dress up fun house! You have to use your WADS keys or have super special stuff before you can be a lamer gamer let alone a hardcore one like me! I mean, I’m so hardcore my I power everything by USB! So you all are FAIL! *pick on her looks about here whether it be that she looks bored or ugly or hot*” … yeah some of you do kind of sound like that.
    I’d like to know what truly makes one ‘hardcore’ though as none of you guys can actually seem to agree.. the answer seems to be in the use of Wads keys (yes, yes I said wads on purpose) or if you have the ‘coolest’ toys or the biggest dic-. Aaand I was going to say a lot more boring crap but I don’t feel like it now! WhOO!

  21. TheFizz.

    Yeah, I used to play in an Unreal tournament Clan like 4+ hours a day everyday and I use the numpad, resting my thumb on the enter key, works great, hate WASD.

    Our clan got to about 50th on the OGL ladder and every time I played on a normal server people would accuse me of using a Bot.

    If anything WASD is the Lemming setting.

    I do think the pic is staged though.

  22. Celestral.

    I’m a gamer too (not that hardcore anymore) and I’ve always used the arrow keys (when playing on my PC).
    There’s nothing wrong with the arrow keys. I always thought wasd looked stupid so I refuse to use them.

  23. Sakuri Rainne.

    Oh, just in case the other couple thousand self-important morons haven’t said it yet… She’s not using WASD, so therefore, she’s making a sandwich.

    Though I honestly do remember playing 16-bit FPS’s for Windows that used the arrow keys, because all the commands were for mouse.

  24. jmo.

    thats old school gaming cat….old cs and fps used the arrow keys. and the article is dumb neways. she’s holding a gravity gun so she’s prob playing half life two or half life two deathmatch…..stupid noob lol

  25. Knight.

    Not all hardcore gamers use ‘WSAD’ keys!

    I have been gaming for about 30 years and prefer the arrow keys. I simply remap everything to that area of the keyboard and to the numerous buttons on my gaming mouse. I have played thousands of games that way.

    I have even competed and won competitions using that setup. What keys you use doesn’t matter it is the skill and dedication to gaming that makes you hardcore!

    Currently I am working towards building my own custom gaming keyboard. When you start building your own gaming equipment you know you are hardcore. lol Yet I can’t stand ‘WSAD’. Never could. Probably because I have been gaming since before they were ever used and am simply more comfy with arrow keys.

    At any rate nothing annoys me more than ‘WSAD’ snobs who think anyone who doesn’t use those keys are noobs or casual gamers. I have a library of over 3000 games I have played beginning to end and just bought 5 more today thanks to the great sales on Steam.

    1. anonymous.

      wait, what? you just BOUGHT 5 more thanks to the great sales on steam? for me its different. i would say “i am currently downloading 5 games from utorrent” can’t believe you would spend so much money on games, i’ve never paid a cent for games

  26. martianbuddy.

    She looks kinda bored, but, well, I think that if she’s playing with arrows she might be a hcgamer, she might just reconfigure left/right arrows to strafes, and for half-life the rest could’ve been signed to mouse, cause HL2 don’t need more controls. LMB>>Shoot MMB>>Use/Scroll weapon & RMB>>jump. And RCTRL for ducking.

  27. Chris.

    This is just retarded to play that near a tv screan. also dont matter how big ur screen is on ur tv. the resolution never get better then 1080p. so suck it. a 30″ pc monitor has better res and gives better pictures and more space to work on then a 72″ monitor.

    1. AJ.

      This is not the 1970’s.

      That is not a CRT. The old concern for sitting too close was “radiation” the levels put off by LCD, and Plasma screens are greatly reduced as there is no electron gun. The display is lit by a cathode tube that is little more then a fluorescent bulb. Proximity issue’s are null.

      The WASD VS. Arrows is amusing.

      Most of my friends think I am a “hardcore gamer” because I first played the original Pong game as a Child of 7, and have played nearly every console, and PC game that has been released since. (I wasn’t a huge SEGA fan). No, I no longer play WOW. too many free MMOPRPG’s out there now. I can’t justify the cost’s per month.

      Can’t wait for the release of Blizzard’s Diablo 3..

  28. Walking Aids.

    K if you`re not a nerd you would have noticed that the girl is ugly instead of noticing the size of that screen.

  29. Gunslingrr six.

    All I know is the setup is SWEEEET! Now I can show my wife that my little 42″ LG is nowhere near big enough. Anybody know what size that monitor is? One other thing, I’ve been trying to figure out the point of diminishing returns on a monitors size. Like at what point does the distance you have to be from the monitor negate the size? Am I making sense? Communication is the problem to the answer!

  30. dr. dork.

    WASD is the way of the gamer. everything else destroys your hand. and is gay. but the screen is cool.

  31. miky.

    i am pc gamer and i use arrows there is nothing wrong with that infect if you use wasd (i know 90% of gamers do) that means you have wrong keyboard(as all 90% have wrong keyboard) for your self you need keyboard were arrows are left side of the letters

    1. Captain Obvious.

      Your logic makes no sense. How is it a wrong keyboard if only 10% of the world (Around 1.3 billion) uses a different type?
      If I’m not mistaken, such keyboards are made specifically for left handed people. That is, however, simply from memory.

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  33. Duke E. Love.

    HA!!! That is bush league

    My rig smokes that…
    huh… I don’t know if that is a good thing or not.

  34. Gamer Girl's Dad.

    I am the guy who took the picture, and proud father of the Gamer Girl. Just for clarification its not WOW she is playing its HalfLife Episode 2, if you know the game you will recognize the spot pretty quickly. The Window on the lower right of the screen is a picture-in-picture of DDR from a PS2 my other daughter is playing off-camera. As for playing with cursor keys, I finally broke her of that by buying a Z-Board…Alas both the monitor and Z-board expired some time ago. That picture is somewhere around 3 years old.

  35. Hurfendurf.

    Plus she’s playing Half Life 2, which is barely even a game so much as an amusement park ride. Being shoved in a burlap sack in a dark room gives you a more open environment.

    Just ask my ex-wife.

      1. TheMech.

        No, it’s Half Life 2. That’s a gravity gun, not a sentinel gun, geeze. And Hurfendurf, why would anyone here care what your ex-wife thinks? And before anyone says anything, I don’t know why anyone would care what I think.

  36. Jenna.

    I’m officially embarrassed for all my fellow WoW gamers by the comments made here. Yes, we are gaming geeks, but do we have to broadcast our nerdrage to the other non-WoW players out there that already condemn us because they see so many posts of 2 or 3 people who’s butts are so large now that they can not leave their computer rooms? LOL
    This being said, to those that see the posts of all my fellow gamers on here and have the urge to laugh and point at the obviously nerdy comments, just remember that most of us that really get into gaming are actually good looking people.

  37. njtp.

    I agree that she’s likely not a hardcore gamer, but really what is so hardcore about using wasd? Depends how many controls you need, most FPS games don’t exactly require 20 macros lol. Sitting on a bed of sharp tacks with all your windows open in the middle of a cold winter (also naked) while playing games is what I would call “hardcore”, otherwise it’s just playing games or playing games for long periods of time – nothing hardcore about it… Yeah you should know I’m a level 70 rant-mage!

  38. Roberto.

    This looks really staged – She’s using the arrow keys instead of the ‘WASD’ keys… who the hell uses arrow keys anymore. ‘Hardcore’ huh lol

  39. A person.

    I don’t think I see what you see. I see a bored girl trying half life on some guys computer. Notice how she is not using WASD? A large monitor user, making a hardcore gamer does not.

    1. Sowhat.

      umm really? i used a 58inch lcd and thinking about getting a plasma instead. And hardcore gamer? shes not using the wasd keys lol. look i play games with arrows!

          1. T.

            Srsly? What idiot would customize to the arrow keys? The wasd keys are used because it gives you such easy access to the rest of the keys. No true gamer would use arrow keys unless they were playing pacman or some shit.

          2. capn.

            Customization? LOL really? You can NOT play any PC shooters besides maybe a few early 90’s DOS games without instant access to every key surrounding the ASDW keys, especially the space bar.

            So basically, some nerd got his daughter to pose with his nerd-rig.

      1. Tardigrade.

        I still use the arrow keys, Right Shift for jump, Right Ctrl for sneak, Enter for Use. Can’t come to grips with WASD.

        Saying someone is not a gamer for not using WASD is slightly elitist. Someone playing games is a gamer. Period.

        She seems to be playing Half Life 2 multiplayer. Notice the gravity gun.

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