15 Cool and Artistic Tank Themed Designs

Armed warfare always requires the ubiquitous tanks, in order to move into the enemy land, as Tanks protect the soldiers from the other side and allow them to move further into hostile territory. Tanks are thus strong, all weather and completely armored. The funny thing about tanks is that you could find weird and bizarre looking tanks in almost every country.

There is a theory behind it, which observes that the opposite side always gets intimidated when they see a fierce looking tank headed their way. Perhaps there is some grain of truth in that assumption, but we managed to gather a great list of 15 really cool tank designs that are completely weird and bizarre not just in looks, but also in their utility. Of course, many of these tanks are not war-worthy and they are just meant for the purpose of fun.

Cool Tank Mods

Sometimes, things that are not tanks or related to wars could also be modded into something like a tank. Here are a couple of examples.

The Hummer H2 Tank Mod would be a great gift to anyone who loves hummers. It has been created deftly.

The Tank Chair Mod could be given to people who dream about being soldiers but rarely get past the garden. They can place the Tank Chair in the garden and read a book.

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Funny Pink Tank

This tank is so pink, that it obviously can’t go to the battle field without being called “sissy”. Still, don’t undermine it, for it shoots Hot Dogs at unsuspecting bystanders. Well, would you dare to go to the war on a Pink Tank?

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Artful Tanks

There is a common belief that art can be used to avert wars. It may not be technically possible to do so, but art has always been a great way to express and popularize anti-war sentiments. Here are some cool tanks that have been expressed through art.

The Colorful Balloons Tank is one helluva tank that might have to be held in place with hands, and if you didn’t it just might fly away! One could spend hours trying to count the number of balloons in it.

Here is the Paper Tank which could hardly hurt a fly and could be a great antiwar messenger. It looks very colorful too!

This Artful Tank might be created by using cardboard. There is hardly any information but it just may suggest that wars are futile and the war machinery should therefore be reduced to art.

This interesting piece of art has been created by using Paper Mache, which is a substance made of paper pulp after it is dried and then painted upon it.

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Tank Cakes

In order to prove that war is futile, one might have to show that things that are used in a war is “sweet”. Thus, these edible tanks are a great way to popularize anti-war sentiments.

cool tank cake for geeks

The first Tank Cake is not only edible but also Geeky, for it is movable for extra effects in a special birthday party (as seen in video).

It is not just for weddings that one could bake a cake but also for birthdays. This Army Tank Birthday Cake looks pretty cool and delicious.

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Steampunk Tanks

The Steampunk art movement is inextricably related to wars and defense, as it is because of the war machinery that the Industrial revolution could take place in many countries. Thus, you should not be surprised to find some cool Steampunk tanks.

The Steampunk Lobster tank is a steam tank that would make for a great gift or even a showpiece. With a lobster’s body and Steampunk copper and metallic fittings, the Steampunk Lobster Tank is one helluva war machine.

The Steampunk Walker Mecha Tank looks incredibly impeccable and almost looks like it is about to invade a city. If only it were real, I am sure many governments would want to buy it.

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Lego Tanks

Lego building blocks have been used for generations to create cool models of various things. Thus, it should not come as a surprise to you to fine some really cool Lego tanks.

The Apocaspace Tank is a medium sized tank that could easily double as an Apocaspace lorry. It even has a soldier smiling viciously.

Nich Artri built the Lego Sherman Tank for a Brickfilm he is working on. This is the 5th tank he has built.

If you were looking for a Lego war machine, you should check out this Heavy Steam Tank. It comes with thick armor plating and has a large rear-mounted boiler.

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President Barack Obama Cadillac Tank

If you were the president of the world’s most powerful nation, you would need a lot of protection to begin with. Thus President Barack Obama has got this amazing Tank Posing as a Cadillac.

Toy Tank

This Toy Tank could be pulled along, and is a great gift to a kid who likes to play “war”.

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Tanks are of course beautiful vehicles which can be customized, designed and modded in amazing ways. Of course, when used as defense, tanks could be cool. When they are used as aggressive machinery, they are so not cool!