Crazy and equally weird: Orgasmatron extreme PC modification project

Custom PCs are something that PC crazies use as a symbol of their love for the machine. We have already seen a dramatically cute custom Wall E Computer case mod, but if that was some really pretty stuff, this one we have here for you today is robust and the sturdiest processing machine you have seen thus far.

This is not a layman’s job to built such a killer machine. Only a diehard fan-cum-nerd can do such stuff and for this kind of a theme, you need some more hardcore feelings of a type you can easily guess. The machine can better be enjoyed in photographs and it would be really absurd of me to describe even a portion of it at this website. Right?

1 early build 7 _ Orgasmatron Extreme PC

Canon G5 _ Orgasmatron Extreme PC

The maker(s) of the machine, Jason and Debbie (may be it is two of them and their feelings showcased with this machine, huh…) took around 6 months of pleasure to built this machine with the cost mounting to 3000 pounds, let alone notional earnings of the time spent on this machine. And I guess many of you would beating their head to know why the heel Jason did not purchase a super hunk Dell Inspiron series PC for that sum? But who cares about money when you got inspired by something so….., you guessed it already.

danger den fill port

Early UV tests _ Orgasmatron Extreme PC

modification 2 _ Orgasmatron Extreme PC

Also, do let me know in comments what you think of the machine and tell you what, I really wanna know how many of my readers find it cool or weird, like me. Nevertheless, the machine was built way back in year 2005 and earned Jason, top prize in “Reader’s Drives” custom PC competition. You have a reward in everything you do/follow with passion, it becomes plenty clear now.

Waterplant reservoir _ Orgasmatron Extreme PC

danger den maze 4 _ Orgasmatron Extreme PC

For the lovers of this machine, it is sad that machine is no longer shining, since it has been decomposed and its parts have been taken to be equipped with the new machine under the works. So, expect the even wilder version of this machine anytime soon or may be a different theme for a change.

Those of you thinking that I am not detailing the machine parts at the level you desire, better head towards the ‘details’ tab to find solace and dig as much deeper as you want from the creators Jason & Debbie.

Modification  _ Orgasmatron Extreme PC

motorhead warpig figurehead _ Orgasmatron Extreme PC

figurehead _ Orgasmatron Extreme PC

front view _ Orgasmatron Extreme PC

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