Batman and Joker Figures: Now in the same pack

If you had always thought that there was no way that Batman and his nemesis – The Joker, could have shared the same space, think again. With the teaming up of Mezco toys and DC Comics, you can now look forward to setting your eyes on the 6″ Mez-Itz two pack bringing Batman and Joker together, perhaps for the first time.


Painted in their traditional gear, the replicas of Batman and the Joker bear a close resemblance to their comic characters and are not much influenced by the recent movies of the Batman franchise.


Marketed as a summer exclusive, this Mez-Itz two pack will be revealed at the SDCC – San Diego Comic Con, to be held in July. You may also pick them for $40 via the online store of Mezco toys.

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Via: Collect3d through Plastic and Plush