The Iron Man 2 MK VI BearBrick Unleashes the Beast

I’ll be honest, even with my usual geeky tendencies, there are some toys I just don’t “get.” Iron Man I get, but this toy Iron Man 2 Bearbrick toy maybe not so much. With that said I did do some digging and I was not aware the Bearbricks are actually a sort of collectible toy made from the company Modicum over in Japan. From a quick Google search it looks like there’s a pretty wide variety of bears to choose from including a Sweeney Todd Bearbrick or a Bearbrick version of the iconic comic book the Watchmen.

The Bearbrick Iron Man (who came up with this name anyway? It sounds like…well never mind. Just rolls off the tongue funny) toy features a 400% scale and intricately printed details of the Iron Man costume, just in bear format. I think it looks like someone took your average lego guy and a teddy bear and then spliced them together to form some kind of legobearman abomination! If you’re intrigued and want to pick up one for yourself, you still have a few months to wait as the toy won’t be released until October 2010.

I suppose this is no stranger than some of the other bear-oriented gadgetry we’ve seen here on Walyou. I mean the Teddy Bear USB Flash Drive whose head pops off so you can plug him in was a bit a odd,
right? As is the direction giving robotic GPS bear, although he actually sounds pretty cool and deserves a place on my dashboard to tell me where the nearest anime convention is. Better still if he had a number of different bear voices to choose from, I’d pay good money to have a Samuel L Jackson voicing my directions via a Teddy Bear. Still, that one reminds me of the teddy bear toy from the eighties that would read you stories and sounded really creepy if his batteries ran low.  What was his name? Teddy something, if I recall correctly. Anyway the point is bears are cool, and so by association so is this Ironman Bearbrick toy.