Get the Star Trek Experience with the Limited Edition Uno Cards

The Star Trek Enterprise, captained by the heroic James T Kirk, boldly went where no man (or woman) has gone before. The legendary space ship explored the deep reaches of outer space battling space villains.

Now, with the Star Trek collector’s edition Uno cards, you and your Uno buddies can be a part of the immortal Enterprise crew and share their adventures, albeit by playing the card game. Playing Uno with your family and friends can be a lot of fun. The game involves quick thinking on your feet and an alert mind. Star Trek Uno raises the stakes of regular Uno by a notch or two with a Star Trek-specific action cards or Wild cards.

The limited edition Uno cards features flash-yellow Captain Kirk cards, sultry green Uhura cards, healing blue Dr. McCoy cards, and oriental red Hikaru Sulu cards. The Wild cards include Draw 2 and Draw 4 Wild cards with a special Beam me Up Wild card.

Traditional Uno has an interesting story behind it. Merle Robbins, a barber from Hungary settled in the United States had an argument with his son about the rules of the Crazy Eights card game.

In order to settle the argument, Robbins invented a game that would be called Uno. The very first Uno deck was designed and crafted on the family dining table. No wonder the game is a firm favorite with families.

Coming back to the action packed Star Trek edition, the Beam me Up Wild card has a special power that allows you to win a game even when all hope seems lost. Imagine you are playing a game of Uno with four other friends. You have three cards left. The round begins with a yellow Kirk card; you too have a Kirk card and play your hand. Your remaining two cards are a blue McCoy card and a Beam me Up Wild card. In the next round, your friend plays a Draw 4 Wild card and smirks. He thinks he has you good since you will now have to pick up four cards. You coolly play your Wild card.

The Beam me Up card allows you to negate any Draw 2 or Draw 4 Wild card played against you. What’s more, after you play this Wild card, you can even call a new color. The Wild cards of Star Trek Uno makes the game more interesting and gives an edge to it, Star Trek style. It is available at a price of $9.99.

To increase the quotient of fun, while playing cards, Star Trek UNO cards are a definitely a right option. Other such playing cards are Invisible Playing Cards and iPhone Playing Cards.