3 in 1 Gaming Console For The Old School Geek

You may have come up of age, but, still there are times when you remember playing games on your old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), or Super NES (SNES) or for the matter being, your Sega Genesis, right? Well, thanks to Hyperkin, a popular online gaming store, you will now be able to play all those old school games using just a single console.3 In 1 Gaming Console For The Old School Geek (1)

Presenting the RetroN 3, a simple yet cool innovation that crams up the mentioned three classic consoles into a single gaming device. This gizmo has three cartridge slots, one each for the 8-bit NES games, 16-bit SNES games and for the Sega genesis games. Provided along are two wireless controllers that go with each of the three base consoles. And, if you wanna add a personal touch, you may even connect your wired controllers, for three sets of controller inputs are provided, each set for its respective base console. Only problem with the device is that ROMs are not supported; you are expected to use original cartridges for playing all your classic favorites. Also, the AV outputs are limited to just S-video and RCA outputs.

3 In 1 Gaming Console For The Old School Geek (2)Available for $69.99, you can order the gadget in color variations of vector reed or charcoal gray. Till then, classic gaming fans can take a look at this ‘Mario Chess Cake‘, which altogether changes the definition of something being geeky. Even better, there is a collection of amazing Tabletop Games for a different geekiness.

Via: Electronista