Starcraft 2 Gaming Accessories Terran it up

The Razer range of Starcraft 2 gaming accessories is the answer to every one of your 12 year old Starcraft 2 dreams. These gaming accessories each have names derived from the game which by the looks are more than what they live up to.

The wait is over, 12 agonising years of speculation and rumors as well as false starts, too many expletives to count. On the 27th of July the gaming world collectively took a deep breath and hoped to the heavens that Starcraft 2 would not suck. Was Starcraft 2 ever going to be good enough to justify the 12 year gestation? Was it ever going to be as awesome as the 12 years of geeky faith that believed it would be?Probably not. What we got though was another great Blizzard release which blows everything out of the water except perhaps all the fantasy versions of Starcraft 2 we’ve been playing in our heads all these many years.

Starcraft and the legend of the sequel, is the story of a community which for 12 years could not be silenced. Well that time has come, the days of whispers in the corners of LAN’s is over. Starcraft 2 is here and now is the time to show the world how much it means to us.

The Razer Starcraft 2 accessories are striking all action, each goes with a little bit of show for good measure. The Blizzard licensed product range consists of:

Razer Spectre Mouse

The Spectre 1000hz gaming mouse is described by Razer as “a lightweight, five button computer mouse that is ideal for gamers who prefer precision and control for an RTS” The button also has an adjustable click force to maximize your actions per minute. The Keyboard lights aren’t just for the looks and induced seizures in your immediate surroundings, they can actually give customizable alerts about your actions per minute and alerts you to in-game action.

Razer Marauder Keyboard

The Marauder gaming keyboard also utilizes the actions per minute (APM) lighting system. The computer keyboard gives you visual alerts to what’s happening in the game as well as your actions per minute. In addition to that the key distances have been optimized and keys were elevated to optimize key strokes and stop accidental key strokes. Added to this, gamers can program macros on the fly and switch between 10 keyboard profiles without having to go through a thousand menus.

Razer Banshee Headphones

The Razer Banshee gaming headset offers the best in comfort and sound isolation allowing you to be completely immersed in the game. You can also choose one of 8 equalizer presets or customize them yourself on the headset. Now if only it had blue tooth, sigh.

Razer Zerg Messenger Bag

Once you’re ready to take your Starcraft 2 experience on the road, pack all your equipment in this Zerg messenger bag and take yourself back to a simpler time when no base was safe from you and your hatchlings.

If these don’t strike your fancy perhaps you could get yourself a Wood Burned Starcraft 2 CD

Via: Razerzone