Gaming Controllers and Toaster Anatomy

Hot Toast Nightmare is an aptly named mixed-media piece of art by Madspeitersen.  Talk about waking up on the wrong-side of the bed! If this toaster is in the kitchen when you go to make your coffee you better just get right back in bed and call it a day.


According to the post on, Madspeitersen used an eclectic mix of things to create the piece: “a hollowed out coconut, one part grapefruit, two parts snake skin, the bones of a bog pig, two parts root beer, axle grease and pepperoni.”  It’s anyone’s guess how all of those things figure into the piece, but I’m guessing that not all of them were used as art supplies (at least not directly.)

Madspeitersen’s art has also included other bio/technology mash-ups, but not in that HR Geiger sort of way that you would expect. Most of the art is just like Hot Toast Nightmare – an almost cartoonish combination of familiar devices with old school anatomy drawings.  When it comes right down to it, this is a far cry from the smile-toasting toaster we looked at a while back. But, if I woke up to Madspeitersen’s toaster, I’d probably be in need of a defibrillator. Or at least a defibrillating toaster.

There’s not much info on Madspeitersen on the Deviant Art page, but what I can tell you is that this enigmatic artist is based out of Copenhagen, and that there are a variety of tools used in the creation of each piece (aside from axle grease and grapefruit).  Madspeitersen seems to have a great eye for cracking the shell of technology and filling it with all the guts, bones and goo that you would expect in roadkill.  In fact, “technology as roadkill” is probably the best way to describe this style of art.  I, for one, think it’s absolutely awesome – not to pretentious, not to comic booky, just right.

But if you see your toaster breathing tomorrow morning either: 1) go back to bed, or 2) lay off the hard drugs.