Mario Finds Himself in Star Wars Scenes of Epic Paintings

A love for video games inspired artist Misha to combine two very popular themes in her paintings. By combining the characters from the 1980’s video game Super Mario Bros with the movie series Star Wars, Misha may have just started a new art movement!

What makes this specific set of paintings so unique is that she took the characters from the Mario Franchise and painted them in Star Wars scenarios. As you can imagine, the final products are awesome to say the least.

My favorite painting, and the funniest one by far, is titled “Luigi in Carbonite.” Misha admits that she’s kind of in love with that particular painting and probably won’t sell it. A monochromatic painting in shades of grey, the detail is amazing. Dare I say the similarities between Luigi and Han Solo are astounding if not a touch disturbing? I can’t help but wonder if there’s a Princess Peach disguised as a bounty hunter all set and geared to save poor Luigi from his carbonite prison.

misha's mash up 3

Reminiscent of  the Jedis and their fabled returns, the next painting in the set is titled: “The Return of Mario Bros.” This particular painting, if not the entire set, captures the essence of just how extraordinary Misha’s skill as an artist is. Just like the Luigi in Carbonite painting, The Return emphasizes her attention to detail. Notice Princess Peach in her slave girl outfit.

misha's mash up

Which brings us to another one of my favorites, “Slave Girl Peach.” In Misha’s opinion, this is undoubtedly the best one in the entire set. Set in Jabba’s Palace, Princess Peach is portrayed as Slave Girl/Princess Leia.

misha's mash up 2

Misha, who grew up in Michigan, has been a Tattoo Artist since 1991 and is currently involved in the LA underground art scene.  Her work has been shown on a regular basis in galleries since 2001. That, combined with her art studies in community college as well as her love for graphic design and Anime, will most likely prove to be enough skill and determination to inspire a full blown Star Wars Meets Mario Art Exhibition.

While admiring the fine work that went into creating these masterpieces, another painting idea popped up for me: Mario in his fight against the Storm Troopers and Garbage Squid on the Death Star. That would make for an interesting scenario! Misha was quoted to say she has fifty more ideas of possible scenes and mash ups to paint.

We live in hope.  However I’m not sure the force is strong enough in this one. Let’s hope we won’t be disappointed.

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