Batman Logo Cake – The Ultimate Cake for Your Little Batman Buff!

There is a unique, different, lovely and probably the most exciting cake you can ever get for your Batman-crazy kid. So this year,  forget about the soccer ball or a Daffy Duck. Go for the Batman logo cake!

I can assure your kid will love this cake if he’s a true Batman fan. Not only kids, but also adults can add a different touch to their summer parties or birthday theme by purchasing this Batman logo cake.

Whether it’s a birthday party or a casual get together, this yummy-looking, beautifully made cake will bring smiles to your guests’ faces. Although we have seen many such cakes in the past, this one truly stands apart. It’s carefully crafted and each and every minor detail has been carefully done, giving you a cake that is truly amazing. The reason I love this cake is because you can’t really spot that’s it’s a cake unless you are told it is one. The color scheme, the sensitivity to detail, and the overall look is exactly the same as the Batman logo. The only thing I feel is missing is a Batman candle. Wouldn’t it be good to have small Batman candle on one side of the cake? Or maybe you could have a small Batman statue stand on it to give it the real feel.  If I had the opportunity, I would have surely brought this one for my kid to make it up to him for all the other lame cakes in the past.

I don’t really know what the exact size of the cake is and that’s something I would actually want to know. I am guessing it’s a medium sized one. A huge Batman logo cake wouldn’t be good  in my opinion, so I’ll keep my assumptions about the general size. Also, there are no details on the creams used and the flavor of the cake, but I am assuming that it would be a mix of dark chocolate with pineapple to match the colors. That for me sounds yummy, so I hope it actually is.

I guess Debbie (the one who made the cake) deserves a huge round of applause from all of us and a short tip – please add some details about it!

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