Steampunk Electric Guitar Blowing Off Steam has never been this fun

As guitars go this Steampunk guitar called Copper Flower created by some of Walyou’s most seriously Steampunk Facebook fans, is a real elixir for all that ails your guitaring needs. This guitar has more cogs and hand aged copper pipes than you can shake your guitar pick at.

In a future not too far from ours, perhaps we’ll have exhausted our global fuel supplies. Perhaps technology will become reliant on power that can be produced locally once more. The air will be filled with plumes of steam and smoke as our society chugs along trying to keep intact as much of its former glory as possible.

Steam-powered contraptions filling the streets and perhaps the air. In this future though how will we rock? How will we pass on the music that has shaped the last century, to the next generation?

This Steampunk guitar is that tool, the musical history textbook for our future perhaps. Or maybe just a kick ass mod to make your friends drool and your neighbours ears bleed.

Steampunk Guitar Copper FlowerSteampunk Guitar Body and Bridge

The Yamaha RGX-A2 electric guitar has finally been made desirable, this mostly underrated and underappreciated axe has for too long borne titles like reliable and versatile. Finally the Yamaha crosses the line into drool-worthy, resplendently modded in full Steampunk glory. As a wannabe guitarist in my spare time and full time geek, I’ve seen some interesting guitar examples in my time. These tend to fall into two main categories: too lame to be whipped out in public or two strange to be useful.

Steampunk Guitar Bridge Steampunk Guitar Copper Cutaway

This Steampunk guitar created by Walyou Facebook fans Steampunk Project, straddles this line neatly. It is completely playable keeping much of it’s original shape and features intact. On top of this the Steampunk project creators have managed to build an authentic look into our possible future axe of choice. Hell, I just looked at this guitar and I could feel the cogs of my overactive imagination start stirring. The finish is so detailed and emotive one can’t help but start to construct fantastic back stories to go with it.

Steampunk Guitar Pipe Detail Steampunk Guitar Thermometer Pipe detail

The guys over at Steampunk Project have put some work into this guitar and it will be available on Ebay soon for those looking to get their grubby paws on this Copper flower for keeps.

Steampunk Guitar Cutaway and PickupsSteampunk Guitar Cog Pots

The Copper Flower Steampunk Guitar features:

  • copper and brass clockwork volume controller
  • genuine brass elements
  • brass valve 3 step tone controller
  • handmade genuine copper polished plates, with etched Victorian floral pattern
  • brass covered “steam thermometer” which actually works, great for making sure your riffs keep the crowd sizzling
  • “plasma” pipe light that changes light colour according to the tone chosen on the valve tone controller

Steampunk Project Guitar Copper Flower

Now if only we had some buxom Victorian wenches as groupies and  a Steampunk guitar amplifier to go with it.

Of  course if Steampunk is not your thing perhaps building this Millenium Falcon guitar would be ideal for you.

Recommended to Waloyou via Steampunk Project on Facebook