18 Innovative Geeky Toaster Designs

    For most of us, a bread slice toasted light brown and crispy is still one of the most preferred breakfasts in the morning. A perfectly toasted bread can compliment any type of breakfast and even serve as an excellent “finger food” for various occasions.

    But sometimes it seems that that perfectly colored bread toast with the right crispiness is just too hard to achieve. Though there is a huge variety of toasters available in the market, they all seem to fail in some or the other way to gain the right kind of toast. But, what we are going to show you now might just change the way you feel about toasters.

    The toasters mentioned in this article are not your conventional looking dull toasters, but specially designed gadgets with futuristic looks, extraordinary usability, and out-of-the-world style. You will be intrigued by their creativity, impressed by their designs, and enchanted by their unique looks. Get ready to be charmed by these ultimate gadgets, or to raise a “toast” under their bewitching influence.

    Triple Toaster

    Toasting your bread can now be ultimate fun with the fascinating triple toaster, which toasts three slices of bread all at the same time and has a unique, attractive design.

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    Lfrit Toaster

    It is difficult to make out if this is a toaster in the first place. This futuristic and chic toaster has different levels for toasting your bread. Compactness and attractive design make this toaster demanding.

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    Smart Ceramic Toaster

    Nothing can beat this toaster when it comes to style and usability. The toaster has a unique way not only to brown the bread slices but also to hold them. Take a look and you will understand.

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    Defibrillator Toaster

    Is that a manual defibrillator? No, it’s a uniquely designed toaster with an unconventional toasting method. The Defibrillator toaster is not only innovative but also extremely user-friendly.

    Space Invader Toaster

    The space invaders toaster is a conventional toaster inside the body of a space invader shooter. With a green colour body, two red eyes, and a slot for handle which appears as the mouth, the toaster is extremely attractive and stylish.

    Smile Cooking toaster

    The smiley toaster is a gadget out of this world. It has a shiny transparent look and puts a smiley on every bread slice that it toasts. The see through design makes this toaster extremely appealing. However, it is still a concept.

    Futuristic Industrial Toaster

    This Weird Toaster is directly from the future. Though the design might seem a bit old, the toaster has all the advanced technologies in it. The innovative design takes in the bread slice from one side and provides crispy brown toast to the other.

    Lego Toaster

    As the name suggests, this bright colored toaster is inspired from the lego building blocks. The Lego Toaster is geeky, innovative, and attractive with its fresh design and unique features.

    Darth Vader Toaster

    This Darth Vader Toaster is for all the star war fans. Featuring black shiny body with a Star Wars logo on it, the Darth Vader toaster also puts an imprint of the darth vader face onto the toast. Cool and crunchy isn’t it?

    Transparent Toaster

    The best part of the transparent toaster concept is that you can stop toasting your bread slice when the right colour is achieved. The toaster is compact, futuristic and extremely user friendly.

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    Catapult toaster

    The awesomeness of toaster is that it can swing your toast right into your plate even if you are sitting across the table. The catapult toaster is definitely a cool and fun way to have your breakfast.

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    Printer Styled Toaster

    This printer styled toaster not only resembles a printer but also works like one. The bread enters at the top of the toaster and falls from the bottom after getting toasted. Though still a concept, we would definitely want it to see it for real soon.

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    Zuse Optical Sensor Toaster

    The Zuse Optical Sensor is totally futuristic. The toaster has optical sensors that sense the presence of bread slice inside it and starts toasting automatically. The toaster is both attractive and smart in functionality.

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    Roller Toaster

    The scan roller toaster resembles a scanning machine and even connects to your PC over a USB. The toaster is stylish, innovative, and extremely handy.

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    Six Part Toaster

    The six part toaster rotates to make crispy toasts in individual compartments. The compartments lift from the main assembly and opens to reveal a hot plate where the toast sits. Attractive and unconventional, the six part toaster is genuinely an inspiring gadget.

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    Environmentally Friendly Toaster

    This extremely attractive toaster is 20% faster and uses just half of the energy in toasting. Not only does the toaster allows to observe the toast turning brown but also slides the toast straight into the plate.

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    Toast One Toaster

    The Toast One toaster comes with a special flipping system which rotates the toaster to slide the toasts right into your plate. Though simple and innovative, this toaster is still a concept.

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    Cage Toaster

    This toaster can not only toast your bread slices but also round buns. The cage at top toasts your buns from all the sides, making them crispy and perfectly brown. Not to mention, the toaster toasts amazing bread slices as well in a different toaster which opens on one of its sides.

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