This Miniature Papercraft Version Of Queen Is As Cool As The Band Itself!!

Queen, the rock band that rocked many and was loved by the many is now been given a tribute using paper and other ordinary daily used material; Nothing seems very common between a legendary rock band and small bits of paper at the first sight, but these small bits of paper when given into the hands of a skilled craftsmen, can magically transform themselves into a miniature replica of the famous British Band and shock the people just the band rocked them.
Papercraft Queen3

As you can see there has been a lot of detail put into each of the miniature models and the fact that painstaking attention has been paid to every detail is very evident from just one look at it. On a closer look you will notice the cool bits on Brian’s Guitar and also the striking intricate patterns on Freddie’s costume, the curls on the hair and the frills and creases on their costumes are so well made. This kind of work really takes huge amounts of dedication, patience, skill, dedication and of course a passionate fire that would burn even through the wildest of the tempest.Papercraft Queen2

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Papercraft Queen1

Papercraft Queen4

Via: Dude Craft