Pacman Shower Curtains: When You Need a High Score in Your Shower

Now, obvious references to scoring in your shower aside, I have to say both of these Pacman shower sets are downright rocking in their own retro-geek in a chic kind of way.

If you’re comfortable with the fact that Pacman and all his ghost buddies will accompany you every time you take a shower or answering nature’s call, this bathroom set is for you.

If you’re wondering where the pattern for the curtain, shown above, came from, this is actually an old school Pacman bedsheet that’s been creatively modified. No, I don’t want to know anything about the sheet’s former owner either. The sheet is attached to a cotton shower curtain liner to increase the strength, sturdiness, and to make it so that you don’t have a soaking wet sheet every time you get out of the shower. It has 11 holes at the top of the liner for shower rings and measures 67 inches in width by 73 inches in height. As you might expect, it is also washer and dryer safe. It won’t come cheap, though, this particular curtain.

If you’d prefer an actual Pacman board, well we have that for you too, shown above. Pacman really can fit into just about any aspect of your life, just look at this Pacman Bento Lunch Box, for example. You can even make a Pacman on your own, cleverly made out of cardboard.

Via: Etsy and HawtyMcBloggy