Stark Industries releases the Iron Man Xbox 360 Mod

This Iron Man Xbox 360 is not the work of Stark industries, though you’d be easily forgiven for thinking it was. This Xbox 360 mod is the brain child of Zachariah Perry Cruse. The body is styled like Iron Man and comes complete with built-in LED lighting. The console was built for sale on eBay.

Iron Man is up there with Batman for me. One of the self-made men in super hero circles. More than that Tony Stark has always done things with a bit more flair than some of his peers. Years of living it up and laying down the law at Stark Industries have meant that Tony Stark doesn’t take any crap and expects things the way he likes them. He likes shiny things that make people look twice and preferably go really fast.


Now this Xbox 360 Mod isn’t going to win any land speed records but it will certainly get you cranking your Black Sabbath and have all your guests drooling at the great attention to detail this Xbox 360 mod brings to any living room. A lot of the console mods I’ve seen have left a bit to be desired, either being too gimmicky or too badly built for my liking. The best thing I can say about this console is, it looks like it came from the Stark industries… erm I mean Microsoft production line looking like this.


This Iron Man Console is a completely customized Falcon HDMI Xbox 360 Console and took months for Zachariah Perry Cruse to complete. Built into the chest of the console is a hand-made Arc Reactor, designed and built specifically for this build. The Arc housing, which mimics the Xbox power button is surrounded by a ring of light with bright White LEDs built into the Arc Reactor. This build is so well thought out and painstakingly brought to life. This is a must have for both Iron Man fans and Xbox enthusiasts everywhere. The Stark Industries name plate on the side of the unit is a testament to the workmanship of this unit.

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The successful bidder on this item will get this brand new Xbox with 120HDD, power as well as component cables, and a matching red controller.

Via: Engadget