17 Geeky Star Wars The Imperial March Theme Remakes

Besides being one of the most popular and successful Sagas in movie History, Star Wars has also provided some of the most memorable music themes, an infamous one being the Imperial March. Here we gathered 17 various Imperial March remakes that include Tesla Coils, Musical Instruments, Hand Farts and many more. I am sure Star Wars geeks would appreciate every last one of the following, and it is highly recommended to check them all out…you will be amazed!

imperial march theme remakes darth vader

Tesla Coils

We already know how cool Tesla Coils are, so here are two separate examples of Imperial March Themes remakes with Tesla Coils that would makes Geeks cry.

Disk Drives

Here we have the Imperial March Theme on a Floppy Disk and also one that is using an actual Hard Drive.


The Imperial March Arduino Style proves that Star Wars is an inner part of a Geek’s life.

Hand Farts

I was afraid at first when I noticed there is an Imperial March remake using Hand Farts, but this version ended up being of the funniest things I have ever seen. Why? because it is actually really good 🙂

8 Bit

Old school Star Wars geeks would appreciate the 8 Bit version like any other, for it is retro and plays Star Wars.


A cool remake that shows what Geeks end up doing on their spare time.

The Imperial March using Musical Instruments

Steel Drums

The Steel Drums remake would be amazing to see in any outdoor event.


The original Imperial March theme was composed by John Williams, so it is actually not surprising to see it remade by a different orchestra just as good.


The one and only Metallica has also provided tribute to the famous Star Wars theme with a heavy but awesome result.

Buckingham Palace

Here we see a shift change in Buckingham Palace with a great entertaining factor for Geeks.


There were many variations of the Imperial March on guitars, but this one seemed to lead to the Dark Side.


In this remake, the drums are accompanying the theme, and the result is highly successful.


Another cool example that proves no matter what instrument you play, the Imperial March will always sound good.


Simple, elegant and definitely respectful of Star Wars.

iPhone Ocarina

In this example you can see the iPhone Ocarina being played using the fan’s nose, and it still ends up delivering the Imperial March well.