Plants Vs Zombies Clay Figures Defend You From the Undead

It takes a really good game to pull me in despite having very little in the way of storyline. I’m usually a guy who likes a lot of fluff, make me care about what’s going on in the world, ya know?

Plants Vs Zombies, though, was brilliant because it was so awesomely simple. Zombies want to get in your house, you need to put down some plants to stop them. Hilarity ensues, and these Plants Vs Zombies clay figures from Metaplasmico pay homage to a great game.

Now, as you can see, we have a pretty straightforward lineup here. There’s the peashooter and our nut defender guy (ha HA). Both are happy to step up onto your lawn and start bringing down some zombie baddies.

Of course, there’s other Plants Vs Zombies goodness to be had here on Walyou. We’ve seen similar Plants Vs Zombies characters for your lawn, for example. Alternatively if you want something a little more huggable, I recommend the Plants Vs Zombies plushies. Next up, Plants Vs Zombies the flamethrower! Its merchandising!