Shovel Guitar Mod

Other than food, popular opinion is that store-bought items surpass anything that is made at home. However, there are people who take everyday items and make up something completely unrelated, just like the person who made this awesome Guitar Mod.

shovel guitar

This guitar is made from an everyday shovel. The video where this guitar was discovered shows the process of how the maker assembled the guitar; beginning with him taking the shovel and going to the process of sanding, drilling, and putting the guitar together.

The video itself is very annoying. It’s as if the creator watched a commercial in Japan, decided that he liked the sporadic and seemingly incoherent mess of images, and tried to imitate their style in his own video. Despite the awful presentation, it was still interesting to see how this man created the guitar, and more importantly, how it sounded.

Based on appearances alone, seeing a shovel as a guitar is an interesting find. It’s something that you don’t encounter everyday. The guitar’s physical appearance makes it a good art piece, but good is not sufficient for the standards of today’s society. Luckily, this guitar is not only visually appealing, it also has great tone quality. If you manage to watch the video, further on you would actually get to hear how this guitar sounds.

The creation of the guitar is comparable to children taking a box of tissues, adding the cardboard leftover of a towel paper roll, and then using a bunch of elastic bands to make it look like a guitar. The only difference is that the tissue roll guitar probably wouldn’t sound nearly as good as this shovel guitar does. This shovel guitar actually sounds like a guitar that you can buy in a store.

To hear how the guitar sounds and its making, you can see the video below.

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Via: Hack a Day