Beautify Your Walls Using Your Own Lips

A rare Van Gogh adorns your living room. An exquisite Chagall is the first thing that comes into view when visitors enter your apartment. An ancient wood sculpture from Somalia is placed aesthetically next to your flat screen TV. The bedrooms have eye-pleasing portraits from celebrated artists such as Renoir and Picasso.

Your paintings and collections reflect a cultured taste. The art of great artists define your walls, but you feel something is amiss. A personal touch, perhaps. A unique signature that will mark the aesthetic of your living space apart from others.

You have always admired your lips and have received many a flattering comment about them. The way they pout and curve when they meet is no less than a masterpiece.

Well, then…how about having your svelte lips as a piece of art. What? You must be joking. No. We are serious, arty serious. Imagine having your smooth and supple lips framed, and hanging over a piece of furniture. Wouldn’t it be a masterstroke?

DNA11, an online gallery, specializes in transforming your lips into an artistic expression. The Kiss collection kit is moderately priced and home delivered. The kit contains a M.A.C Viva Glam lipstick and kiss sheets. All you need to do is apply the lipstick and kiss away on the sheets.

Once you you have the perfect lip print, mail it back to DNA11. Six to eight weeks later, you will have your magnificent lips hanging on the wall. Moreover, they allow you to get really creative with your lip imprint; like a true artist.

To begin with, you can select the size of the lip imprint. The imprint can be big and bold, or a more personal size. Next, you can choose the color of the imprint from a rainbow variety. Do not hold back on this one. Mix, match, and experiment to get the perfect shade. Highlight the curves and underline your pout.

The third and final step is selecting a frame to show off your treasured possession to the world – your lips. The frame can be handpicked to go with the decor of your living space. The beauty of having your lips decorate your wall is that it adds flavor to your existing decor style. Modernist, minimalist, you name it.

There can be no true beauty without substance. Ordering your set of lip imprint will contribute to a charitable cause. On every kiss portrait sold, a particular amount is donated to the M.A.C Aids fund.

Your lips, framed, and hanging on your wall will glamor up your decor statement, and leave a stamp of your individual style.

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