Steampunk Cyborg Predator Artwork

As a fan of science fiction movies, “Predator” has to be one of those that stood out to me while growing up. This is the result of several factors. One of which were the designs behind the sci-fi based characters, such as the predator. Consequently, check out this amazing piece of art.


This is a Steampunk Cyborg mashup of Predator, which looks really cool. The detailing is really impressive, and comparing it with the original design, there’s been a lot of major modification work.


This design was created by David Morgan (Encline Designs), the very same artist who came up with the Steampunk Optimus Prime design. David began with a NECA 7″ Classics Predator figure, used additional robotic parts, did a bit of sculpting and airbrushing, and finished off with detailing to give the figure a very interesting steampunk look.

“My thoughts behind this are that a Yautja (predator) ¬†traveled to a world where technology did not progress past the age of steam powered arachnids crawl and airship pirates pillage and plunder. Laser fire frequents the air in replacement of bullets. Being badly damaged in a battle that left him mortally wounded, a scientist found what was left of his body, and re-built him using parts found in a junk yard and scrap heaps. Devising a way to power his body using the nuclear cell, found in his previous suit, and water, this Predator now seeks revenge as a more powerful hunter.” (sic D. Morgan)


The figure’s paint scheme is a lot more organic than it originally was, and it generally feels more savage. The mounted weapons on the figures have been modified, and the face was reconstructed. The overall feel is more steampunk and savage; the subliminal power is no longer present, and what remains is raw anger/rage/fear and power. The detailing with the gears and the hydraulics look really cool, and the armour plating really gives it the Victorian/steampunk feel.


The piece definitely shows David’s potential, not just as a designer, but also as an artist in general. His ability to transform something completely into a different style is remarkable, and definitely respectable.


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