Lego Camera Dolly

One of the hardest parts of filming, especially when you have a low budget, is to create adequate substitutes for expensive equipment. People often get creative with this using everyday objects such as brooms or chairs. Peer Kreuger took that very idea and thought up of a working dolly that is not only cheap, but also is fun to make.

Lego Dolly

This camera dolly was made out of Lego, which puts a whole new meaning to “getting into your work”. Creating a substitute for a dolly is one problem independent film makers often have to encounter, mostly because of factors such as smoothness of the movement as well as having minimal sound when the wheels are moving.

Not only is this piece functional, it’s appealing to the eye. It has a futuristic look, as if the dolly is a robot. It could also be compared to one of those machines that they had sent to Mars, which seems more appropriate because the purpose of those machines was to capture footage of the surface of the planet.

There is a video that shows an example of how the dolly works. It’s fast and smooth, which is definitely an asset to have. The video is basically a film of a Lego car with a little Lego driver inside. The dolly is not actually shown in the film, but it is an example of the result that you can get while using the dolly. It only seems fitting to film a Lego car with a Lego dolly.

Apparently, the artist actually puts the dolly to use for his actual projects. What’s great about this machine is that it’s cheap and can be made at home given you have the knowledge how to put it together.

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Via: Oh Ghizmo