Breathtaking Star Trek TNG Jean Luc Picard Wedding Cake

Star Trek—these two words are enough to describe an obsession that a person might have. We all know that Star Trek is one of the greatest television series made. I know of a friend who fought with his girlfriend and was angry with her for about a week because she was talking to other people during the screening of Star Trek!

So, for all the Star Trek fans in the house, this product will be especially appealing to you, as it obviously involves Star Trek! This product is a special cake, special because it is in the shape of the character of captain Jean-Luc from star Star Trek.

star wars wedding cake

This Jean-Luc shaped cake was made to order for a couple’s wedding…Richard Esguerra. You must have guessed by now that either of the people had to be a Star Trek fan to have such an exquisite shaped cake at their wedding! You can also guess that this cake could have been the USP of this wedding, of course after the lovely matrimony of the bride and groom.

For the real Star Trek fans, it might be a lovely sight to see such a cake, but it might be difficult to some people to cut through the body of Captain Jean-Luc. But hey, how often do you get to do that? Your excitement would double up as the real Star Trek fan might think, by eating a piece of Captain Jean-Luc he could become somewhat like him.

This cake has been designed so meticulously; it will give you a feeling that Captain Jean-Luc is actually present at your wedding or any special occasion that you happen to have this cake at. That will certainly make you so much more pumped up for the party or the respective occasion and make this event a memorable one, for yourself and all the guests you invited.

So, if you are a Star Trek fan and like being unique and different, go ahead and think about this being the design for the next party or special occasion that you happen to host.

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