Little Audrey (Of Horrors)

While this clay sculpture may remind you of a Piranha Plant from Mario game, she’s actually Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors – a terrifying blood-sucking plant which predates the similarly scary Nintendo character by several decades.
Kalapusa is a designer known for making disturbingly realistic sculptures of familiar characters – his favorite topics seem to be video game characters, as seen with his portrayal of a realistic 3D Pacman as well as this giant Piranha Plant. This is a remake of one of his older sculptures that ended up breaking; he was nice enough to make this as a replacement for the original owner.

Audrey 1

This rendition of Audrey II is incredibly accurate, and possibly even more attractive than the baby Audrey II seen in the movie. The sculpture is made of clay painted with acrylics, and she’s potted in an authentic 50’s era Maxwell House Coffee can – just like her fictional counterpart.  The pouty smirk on her face hints at how she is already scheming of the evil deeds she will commit once she grows up.

The touch of glazed red on her lips gives her a very feminine look, and there is no sign of the fangs she is frequently seen baring as a mature plant. Adding to the charming overall effect, a tendril of vine leaves dangles alluringly out of the coffee can, as if she is extending a hand to the viewer, convincing them to approach her.

Audrey 2

The plant looks quite endearing, and not entirely deadly; the yellow thorns dotting her leaves look immature, but she is still dangerous. We know that she’ll eventually devour both the man who first took care of her as well as the love of his life, Audrey – the bloodthirsty plant’s namesake. But for now, she sits in her coffee can, quiet and unassuming.

Audrey II is fantastically made, and would look great on a windowsill next to other much less dangerous species of flora. Just make sure to avoid bleeding around her, or your new pet just might end up taking over the world.