Stargate Takes The Cake

We’ve seen many reviews featuring original, creative, or just plain weird and wacky cake designs and decorations. Let me add to the list with the Stargate Wedding Cake.

I’ll admit, having a Stargate themed cake (or any other Sci Fi movie themed cake, for that matter) as a wedding cake might be a bit weird or over the top. However, I’ll also admit that I could very well be the biggest Stargate Freak among the Ta’ri (ta’ri meaning “humans” in earth speak) so I get where this guy is coming from.

This cake received some bad reviews else where on the web from people who don’t get where we Stargate fans are coming from. One guy even went so far as to say that Stargate belongs among the outcasts of the Sci Fi genre. And that it was lame. I won’t address that matter, but I’ll respect the fact that he is entitled to his opinion and just leave it at that.

stargate cake

Back to the cake in question: The entire thing is hand made, even the wormhole connection (or more specifically, the Event Horizon) which is made from hand painted icing. It took some artistic skill to get the shimmering after effects of the big and famous “Whooosh.” You can’t see this from the picture, but the gate address symbols are correct as well. That is, all the symbols under the red chevrons point to the Ta’ri/Earth address, with the pyramid symbol being the seventh, the point of origin.

stargate wedding cake design 1

The bottom part of the cake (it has two layers) also has earth glyphs all around the outside of the cake. The roses don’t particularly fit in with the stargate theme, but it is a wedding cake after all. Personally, I would have added some more finishing touches. Maybe a staff weapon or two. Or the Stonehenge type standing heel stones like they appear on Chulak. Adding the DHD, or Dial Home Device, was a nice touch too.

stargate wedding cake design 2

If the woman marrying this guy wasn’t a stargate fan, I’m sure they had some disagreements about the cake decoration. On the other hand, if she is a fan, the honeymoon was probably “out of this world…”

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stargate wedding cake design 3

Gateworld Via: Neatorama