Steampunk’s Latest Mask for the Hideously Beautiful

As the end of days approach,  one can but prepare for the series of cataclysmic events of 2012. If this were true, State agencies should draw inspiration from the ‘dark’ geniuses at Bob Basset’s workshop for designing gas masks and Hazmat Suits, as after 20 years of spawning the hauntingly beautiful tributes to the Steampunk genre, they are as good as it gets.

This unique art piece,  by Petrov and his team (Ukraine) at the Bob Basset’s workshop, is crafted from leather, stones, metal, resin, glass, and many other materials. And, being the malevolent artists they are,  the highest quality and utmost attention to detail is assured.

It looks like a post-apocalyptic gas mask, with air tubes to be affixed, only if it were not for the numerous holes in the mask. The circular eye windows with mismatched metal pieces is simply sinister and the perforated ear guard ensures your aural senses are top-notch in the hazardous wasteland. The perforated air vents and the metallic mesh mouth-piece also ensure that you sound like Darth Vader with a vengeance.

Also,  just in case you grow horns due to radioactive mutation, the mask has provisions to accommodate those deformations too. So, a perfectly hideous beauty for the ‘dark’ times ahead. So, save up and procure it as the time draws near when all shall perish and the world will burn.

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So, fire up the zeppelin and off you go.