Angry Birds Halloween Costumes Are Sweeeeetly Cool!

Halloween’s around the weekend and the biggest question in a teenage buddy’s mind right now would be, ‘which costume should I wear to the Halloween party?’ right? Well, if you are categorized with those teens and need a good idea for a costume, then you have hit the right spot.

crazy angry birds costumes

Presenting the Angry Birds Halloween costumes. A set of costumes which can be classified as cute and cool at the same time. The angry birds costumes are completely handmade and look cuddly enough to go for a hug. The unique characters chosen resemble the owl like birdies you see in Mario Bros. games. Well, I don’t know why, but, I feel like they are the perfect Halloween costumes one can get his hands on. The part where when costume must look a bit intimidating is taken care of by the emotions that the cute characters sport, and well, as mentioned earlier, they are pretty cute enough to attract the girls for a little hug.

angry birds costumes 1

angry birds costumes design

Frankly speaking, I don’t believe that these costumes are ever gonna be on sale, but, if you want one and are willing to make one for yourself, then the designer and maker of these costumes is more than happy to provide you with the general guidelines and tips for the same thing. Just email him on [email protected] and he can get back to you pretty soon. Besides the Angry Birds Toys, you should check out other cool attires such as the TMNT Shredder Hoodie and the Iron Man Inspired Biker Attire.

angry birds halloween costumes

funny angry birds costumes design

Via: The Clock Blog

angry birds costumes concept