Nikon Camera Cake Makes This Party Picture Perfect

In most birthday scenarios, someone brings in a cake full of candles (many candles… way too many, in my case), there’s some awkward birthday singing, the happy birthday guy or girl blows out the candles, and someone takes a picture. With this Nikon Camera Cake, however, you’re cutting into your favorite photography equipment instead! That undeveloped film looks delicious, if you ask me.

Whoever made this cake must have known the birthday boy/girl to be a photography fan, and they definitely went all out with this one. All of the appropriate buttons are there along with the adjustment knobs and lenses. If someone weren’t cutting through it with a big fat knife, I’d say it was ready to go to some scenic vista overlook (I prefer World’s End State Park for such things). The cake is almost an exact replica of the Canon PowerShotA560, except replacing the important mechanical pieces with some cake batter, delicious icing, and lots of food coloring. Who knew photography was such a tasty hobby?

Speaking of delicious, a quick perusal here at Walyou will also net you some delicious cake goodness. If you’re a Mario Bros. fan, might I suggest the Super Mario Cake, of course you won’t be so much rescuing the princess as eating her and her short little plumber husband. Thinking of something a little more unusual? Might I suggest this Metal Steampunk Cake? I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the post-nuclear future, can you? I mean you may as well get some of that cake now, since much of the world’s cake batter will end up being irradiated, and you’ll have to fight off the slavering hordes of mutants just to get yourself a simple piece of cake. Yeah, that’s how it is all going to go down…

Via: Artisan Cake Company