Minimalist Super Mario Bros. Character Avatars

Many of us grew up as fans of the Mario video game franchise, and even if you’ve never played the games, the image of the plumber and his trusty steed is familiar. What happens, though, when we take the characters and turn them into minimalist versions of their normal selves.  Well, if you look at the images below, we get a pretty cool looking art project.


The artwork looks like it picks out the features which make each of the characters really recognizable, so in Mario’s case, we’ve got his red hat, big nose, and moustache. mario2

The features for Luigi are pretty much the same. The moustache just looks different. The thing about minimalist art is that it can be boring or creative, but if it is done well, it is usually pretty cool, like these works by artist Infinite Continues.


Wario here looks a little more complicated because it uses more color, but he’s got the recognizable moustache and nose, as well as his yellow hat. We also have Waluigi, who is also pretty recognizable.


The artist limited himself to using the iconic colours and managed to stick to a palette of a handful of colors, as he demonstrates in the images of all the characters, where he doesn’t use more than 4 or 5 colors per character. One of the more complicated designs would have to be Princess Peach, who has more curved lines than the other designs.


Her design is pretty iconic of the Peach we all know (and in some cases spite), but nonetheless, it is pretty cool. Granted it isn’t much apart from her without a face or facial details, it’s still a pretty cool design.


Toad’s appearance here is no surprise, although he does look overly simplified. The mushroom cap on his head is supposed to be more spotted, even on a limited frame, but it is recognizable for us to call it Toad.


This image of Yoshi is obviously pretty representative, but what’s with the eyes? It looks like he’s been possessed by Boo. Oh wait, Boo looks pretty odd too. It’s just the mouth and tongue.


Another one of the more complicated one is Bowser. This is mostly because of the curvature, but it looks good nonetheless.


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