Mario Super Market Boxes bring a Nintendo Flare to Grocery Shopping

I don’t know about you, but I’ve worked some pretty boring jobs in my time. By far the worst was being employed at a metal working shop sanding down various widgets. Unfortunately I never got the chance to get creative, but it looks like these super market store workers sure did! They managed to take some seemingly innocuous boxes of soda and turn it into an artful masterpiece.

It is a shame that commenters are not as enthusiastic about this clever piece as I am. Both cite safety concerns since I’ll admit the stack looks a bit precarious. At the very least they could find a way to stick it to the wall, but come on guys, just be careul walking by the giant soda box mario. It can’t be that hard to avoid getting crushed, right? It’s not like there’s gusts of winds rolling through that will send it tumbling down, but I don’t recommend playing a giant game of Jenga with it, either.

There doesn’t seem to be any sort of limit to the number of items that can be turned into Nintendo art. Just perusing around Walyou, a regular old quilt can be turned into Mario and Luigi quilt awesomeness. A seemingly boring table shelf can be converted into a mario shelf masterpiece. Even parts of your body that people are not going to see on any regular sort of basis (I’m talking about Mario and Luigi tattoos on your feet fools, get your collective minds out of the gutter!)  are fair game for Mario art. There doesn’t seem to be a limit for creativity here, and I expect that will continue.

Via: Boo Ya Pictures