Ghostbusters “Light-up” Proton Pack

Apparently, we are now in an age where things that light up are automatically constituted as amazing. Though it’s hard to say if that’s a thought that’s just started – humans have always been fascinated by lights; perhaps since the discovery of fire.

The creator of this fan-made proton pack, Teikabear, seems to be well aware of this idea, so much so that it’s the first thing mentioned in the description, and seems to be the highlight of their selling strategy.

Proton Pack

Perhaps their strategy should have been marketing the fact that it is a fan-made proton pack from the movie Ghostbusters, not only that it is adult-sized. That means if you are really into Ghostbusters you can actually carry the thing around on your back; and it’s even a good Halloween prop.

Lighting up itself is not actually the most attractive thing in the world. It doesn’t really add an impressive quality to the proton pack anymore than it already is.

Lit up

Only in the dark do the lights actually look like something to be impressed about. Other than two blue lights, it’s difficult to tell that mini red lights are there until it is placed in the dark. Unless you are planning on staying in a dark or dimly lit room, this proton pack is probably not something you want to invest in.

lit up in dark

However, as a fan-made piece alone, the pack is quite impressive. It’s definitely something you would want to invest in, especially if you are a fanatic, or if you are going to a costume party. The guy who made it seemed pretty excited about his creation, which is always a nice thing to have in mind when you’re shopping for items.

proton pack

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