The Brobdingnagian Sports Chair

If you are the type of person who needs a massive outdoor chair to relax and sit in comfortably, then this Brobdingnagian Sports Chair is for you. Once you have this chair, it won’t matter where you are.

Resting peacefully will be something you won’t have to long for. It is a huge chair which is quite comfortable. It is 5 ½ feet tall and is capable of providing stadium seating regardless of the spot. Besides, the seat is quite huge measuring around 9’ sq. If you are a lean guy then you can even ask your spouse to sit with you and the seat will hold both of you in the love circle!

And don’t you think it’s just any other seat. It is a very comfortable seat with a complete theory backing it up. As soon as you sit on it, the lofty seat elevates your feet above the ground so you can easily lay back without worrying about falling off or getting irritated by the ants on the ground. The steel frame is a reinforced one and the 400-denier rip-stop canvas makes it sturdier. Believe it or not, this seat can actually handle weight of up to 400 lbs. If you are the mighty Big Show, you can still be seated on this one!

Now here comes the best part – the seat is integrated with six cup holders and can be folded to just 8 ½ inches wide making it very easy to carry around. The overall dimensions of the seat are 5 1/2′ H x 5′ W x 3′ D once it is completely opened. And, it weighs 35 lbs.

Honestly, if you are the type who wants to be seated comfortably everywhere whether at the beach or the sports venue, you should grab this seat. It’s sturdy and long lasting and of course, comfortable. It is right now available for $149.99 but who knows maybe the prices will go up. It isn’t wise to wait in such a situation, is it? I don’t think so and for that very reason I would suggest everyone who is interested in this one to get it as soon as possible!

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Via: GadgetHim