For the Very First Time, Batvan!

So we have seen lots of Batcars and Batbikes but we never saw a Batvan, have we? Honestly speaking I never did but if you did so let me know about it as well. This is the perfect vehicle to cruise in with all of your homies, but rather conspicuous (i.e. don’t think about speeding in this baby).

This one was spotted in Japan and the owner says that it was his love for Batman and the extreme culture of custom vans in Japan which motivated him to design this van. And this is what is exactly so cool about this Batvan. Even though it is a Batvan still it looks quite unique.

Leave aside the fact whether we have seen any other Batvan and think about whether we have seen a Batcar which looks anything like this one? Trust me no one has seen anything like this before because this is the Bat-Jap-Van! The Japanese version of a bat vehicle … to simplify it.

To be honest, looking at this Batvan is quite fascinating. The gigantic wings up there are made from fiberglass and the overall body kit is painted in purple or more likely in the Batman theme. Believe it or not, to me this one looks like more of a Batman vehicle which has come right out from a Batman movie of the 80s. Purple paint with black patches – it’s awesome!

If I had a choice of going on a ride in any vehicle I wish to then it would be this Batvan! Seriously, it has amused me this much and I am not sure whether you believe me or not, but I truly love this thing. It’s huge and it’s Batman-ish.

Apart from all that, I would also like to add that I have seen no Bat-vehicle yet with so accurate details. I am quite sure that the person who has designed this thing has actually spent days working on it. So whoever it is I guess we need to give him a huge round of applause for his amazing Bat-work!

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Via: Jalopnik