Star Wars Mice

The Star Wars Mice are the best presents for Star Wars fans. These mice basically belonged to a place very far away from here. Children seek entertainment while playing with their Star Wars Mice. They know that the mice are very bold and extremely ambitious, admiring the intense strength of the Star Wars characters.

Together with their unmatched abilities and extraordinarily strong weapons, these mice have managed to win the hearts of most of the Star Wars fans.

view from above

The Star Wars Mice are very neatly sewn. these are hand knitted using the best quality of silk, beads, glues, different types of plastics, ribbons, fake leather monofilament, polyfil, etc. these are created using excellent skills of workers and the best materials available. He is almost 2.5 inches tall, which makes them look even cuter.

The Star Wars Mice are stuffed with polyfil, which gives them a fluffy look and a cute presentation. The costume is well sewn and cannot be removed. Same is the case with the lightsaber, which is also irremovable. The Anakin Skywalker is the most powerful mouse on earth.

In green

One can also show their collection of different Star Wars Mice to their friends. Anakin mouse is dressed exactly as Anakin Skywalker but looks very innocent which makes it even more appealing. The lightsaber is blue in color. These mice are handmade; therefore, there is a possibility of changes in the overall looks of the mice. It means it is not necessarily possible that one mouse looks exactly like the other.

The ordering and shipping of these mice is very easy and does not require much time. Theses powerful mice are a perfect decoration piece for any table. These can increase the magnificence of the table on which these are placed. There are different looks available to shop, for example, Princess Leah is a girls’ choice and Anakin Skywalker Mouse is a boys’ choice. It increases the attraction of the shelf on which it is placed. Therefore, we can say that the Star Wars Mice are great table accessories to hold and to give to others, especially for the Star Wars fans.

In black

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Via: Etsy