Predator Figure Made from Spare Parts

Trust me, at times you see stuff which literally makes you go all ‘WOW’ for a while. I mean look at this thing, can you make out that it is made from spare parts? No! No one can and that is the beauty of it. For sure I have seen many Predator figures since the movie was released but this one is something out of the box. And, that is probably the reason why we are writing about it. We don’t tell you about boring stuff do we? Exactly, we always report you about the ‘cool’ stuff so I don’t think I need to say that this Predator figure is exceptional and so on (which I have already said anyways). Predator movie was first released in 1987 and since then, it has become one of the notorious characters of all time. Numerous movies were released after that having the character in it. Oh we also saw the war of Aliens and Predators. We recently saw another Predator which was ridiculous (no offense meant). The point here is that I personally feel that next to Star Wars bizarre stuff is Predator. Although I don’t feel much of a difference between the aliens from Star Wars and Predator, I don’t know why they can’t be together for once. Imagine how cool it would be to have a Predator in Star Wars next franchise? It would be awesome! Anyways back to this ‘made from spare parts’ figure! Because I don’t really have enough information about the parts that were used and for what purpose exactly the figure was created, I would stick to my guessing this time. And, I am guessing out that the spare parts used to make this figure are all mechanical parts. From top to bottom, the figure has mechanical parts but what is more important is the neatness factor. Check it out – each and every part is so neatly fixed that it looks like the real Predator. I particularly like the mouth area. The figure looks horrifying man which is the beauty of it. I wish I could take it home and keep it as a showpiece to scare my guests off! Check out some more predator stuff here: Steampunk Predator Lamp Table and Terrifying Predator Motorcycle. via: Kotaku