Russian Roulette Meets Jenga

The Jenga Pistol is a pretty cool way to play the family favourite game. Instead of pulling pieces out of the stack, why not make the game extreme by having players shoot the pieces out really quickly, causing for a greater risk of toppling over the pile? And why not do that? Matthias Wandel decided to do just that and so he came up with a pistol accessory that you can use to play an extreme version of the game.


The idea behind this is simple; have a Jenga launcher that releases with the release of an elastic band, and make that the only way you can move Jenga pieces during a game. It’s a simple process, and looks like a lot of fun, but of course, one has to be careful playing with it to avoid getting an eye taken out.

The concept definitely is a lot of fun, and with plans available online, it is also easy enough, apparently, to make one for yourself. The video below demonstrates just how much fun it can be to just shoot the pieces.

It seems like a fair point though, that this game might end up just being a ridiculous game of “see how many people we can hit with Jenga pieces before we get kicked out.” If you do decide to play the extreme game though, it can be a lot of fun whether you have one per player or one for the entire game. It just changes the difficulty. Also, with plans available for purchase, and full detailed instructions on how each piece fits, building it should be a breeze if you happen to have some spare wood lying around.

Matthias is currently selling plans for the third version of the Jenga gun on his website, which is easier to build then the version shown in the picture above, but it definitely still looks just as fun to use.

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Via: OhGizmo