Top 21 Coolest and Geekiest Hanukkah Menorahs

Hanukkah has already begun and it is an important Jewish festival that commemorates the re-dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. The most significant and recognizable symbol of Hanukkah is the Hanukkah Menorah, which is a nine-branched candelabrum. The Hanukkah Menorah has a history behind it, which is amazingly fascinating. For the uninitiated, the menorah has 8 candle stands and one important Shammai in the center.

According to ancient texts, the Jews found only little olive oil to light the menorah, just for a day. However, miraculously, the menorah burned for 8 more days and thus, in celebration of this miracle, 8 branches or candle sticks are used apart from the important Shammai. The light from the Shammai is used to light the second candle on the second day, the third on the third day and so on, till Hanukkah comes to an end.

Hanukkah Menorahs are an important source of Jewish art and usually these menorahs are exquisite and extremely beautiful. With changing times, you could observe that menorahs have become geeky too, while retaining the ancient beauty in them. Here is a list of cool and geeky menorahs that were found in different places.

Disney Menorah

chanukah menorah

With Disney being the most popular entertainment company for families, there is no doubt that people have built Disney character inspired Menorahs.

disney menorah

These menorahs are inspired by the characters from Disney creations and one must admit they truly look beautiful.

Images: 1, 2

Lady Liberty Menorah

liberty menorah

Here is a cool menorah which celebrates the liberty of mankind and how freedom is important to all of us. This menorah may look simple, and familiar because of Lady Liberty, but it certainly has many important significances.

Image: 1

Menorah Sightings

hoboken menorah

Many interesting menorahs were found all around the world. This cool Menorah with various characters was found in Hoboken in the U.S.A.

[Image Removed by Request]

The menorah that was found in the ghetto of Venice is very beautiful too.

Images: 1

Haute Couture Menorah

louis vuitton menorah

With fashion playing so much of prominence in our lives, it is only natural that people have begun to view menorahs as lamps that could be associated with fashion. This beautiful menorah was created by Louis Vuitton and looks really amazing.

mysterious menorah

This menorah perhaps is not created by a big fashion house, but can certainly rival the Louis Vuitton Menorah as well.

Images: 1, 2

Weird Menorah

matches menorah

Menorahs have also been created in weird ways and some of them are funny, and the rest totally bizarre. This Matches Menorah comes with 9 matchsticks! I am sure it will burn real fast, if they are real matches that is.

shoe menorah

This Menorah is designed a set of 9 high-heeled shoes. I am sure ladies would be amused!

bowling pin menorah

This cool Bowling Pin Menorah is a great way to show your love towards bowling and those weekly visits to bowling alleys.

mashuggana menorah

This outright bizarre Mashuggana Menorah looks a little old and worn off, but is certainly cool!

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4

Geeky Menorah

arduino menorah

You cannot live in a world that is completely geeky, without turning everything in your life geekish. This holds good for menorahs as well and here are some cool geeky menorahs. The Arduino Menorah brings back the memories of a geeky lifestyle that existed a couple of decades ago.

lego menorah

The Lego Menorah is simple, cute and really geeky.

crocheted menorah

Here is a Crocheted Menorah which might have taken sometime to knit. Crochets are really difficult and something that looks as beautiful as this must have taken sometime!

Images: 1, 2, 3

LED Menorah

led cool menorah

Geek lifestyle is not complete without LEDs. These bright lights have changed the way geeks live and thus geeks have forever used these tiny lights in everything they encounter. These LED Menorahs are a standing testimony to this fact.

led menorah

Images: 1, 2

Science Fiction Menorah

star wars menorah

These cool science fiction menorahs have been inspired by Star wars and Star Trek. Both have been really famous for their stories of space adventures and encountering aliens and other creatures in the wide and mysterious space.

star trek led menorah

Images: 1, 2

Historical Menorah

meccabi menorah

One cannot separate menorahs from the glorious Jewish history. These menorahs here celebrate that history and culture, which span thousands of years. The Maccabi Menorah looks cool and cultured, and highlights the importance of maccabees in the Jewish tradition.

friends menorah

The importance of friendship and friends is central to Jewish thought. This Friendly Menorah is amazingly cute, and reflects the idea of friendship and sharing, which is part of Jewish festivals.

western wall jerusalem menorah

The historic Western Wall in Jerusalem is central to Judaism. This wall is where the pious sit in sorrowful meditation and is thus also called the Wailing Wall. The Western Wall Menorah is a tribute to this historical wall in Jerusalem.

Images: 1, 2, 3

This Hanukkah, get a menorah that reflects your personality and spread the light around. However, if you are a geek, make sure you get a Geeky Menorah! Hanukkah is an important Jewish festival and it is the time to celebrate the miracle and spread joy.

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