New Evil Dead Figures to Spook Up Your Holidays Year-Round

There seems to be no shortage of Evil Dead and Army of Darkness swag out there, and these new collectible figurines are another necessity for any true Evil Dead fan.  Especially the fan that seems to have it all.

There are three collectible figures in this selection, including Ash, Evil Ash and the Witch.  Measuring three inches tall these little guys will grace your desk or mantle and keep things groovy.

Slightly cartoonish, these figures are just as cute as they are authentic.  There’s a comic-booky feeling to these guys that makes them even cooler than some of the other figures that we’ve reviewed in the past.  Those folks over at Entertainment Earth must be true Evil Dead/Army of Darkness fans.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately), these figures don’t come with a complimentary copy of the Necronomicon, a shotgun or a chainsaw.  However, these figures do come with their requisite accessories, so I guess that’s about the same thing.  Just to be clear, those accessories do include the Necronomicon (in Evil Ash’s hand), a chainsaw and a shotgun.  Because really, how could you have an Ash figure/doll without the requisite accessories?  I mean, no chainsaw? Pshaw.  Never without a chainsaw.

Currently running $14.99 and in stock at Entertainment Earth, you can get all three figures delivered to you in time for the holidays.  So if you’re the fan, or if you have a fan of Evil Dead on your holiday gift list, it’s probably worth your while to check out these cool little guys.  In addition to the figures and their accessories, these figures also come with display stands.  Fresh from Mezco.

If you’re into Evil Dead or Army of Darkness, then you should also check out the other swag that we’ve reviewed recently, including the Army of Darkness Ash Doll and the crocheted Ash Doll.  I’ve always loved the Evil Dead movies and have a definite soft spot for Mr. Bruce Campbell, who will always be a hero in my book (even if he goes on to play an alcoholic ex-Navy Seal helping out a blacklisted spy). Looking for more creepy characters? Try out the Exorcist version of Amigurumi dolls.