Harry Potter: The Pooch Who Lived

It’s been over ten years since Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was released and charmed the hearts of thousands of young fans; still the enterprise lives on. Recently, the first part of the final movie had made its way into theatres. The movies are probably a large portion of the reason why the fandom is still strong, so we really won’t get to see how powerful the piece is until the craze of the final movie is over. In the meantime, we can enjoy some Harry Potter fan-made fun that comes along with the Harry Potter buzz; for example this adorable Harry Pooch.

Harry Potter

This dog is the best fit to be the canine equivalent of Harry Potter. One of Harry’s defining traits is his untamable shaggy hair; a quality that this dog definitely also has. The creator of this costume came up with a clever idea to incorporate Harry’s scar onto this dog. Realistically, you can’t draw onto the fur that covers his forehead and we would sincerely pray that the owner of the dog was not crazy enough to actually carve in a scar into the dog. The creator got around this by attaching a pipe-cleaner representation of the scar onto the glasses, which are also made out of pipe-cleaner. To touch things up he included Gryffindor’s scarf around the dog’s neck and even added a cloak. The dog is proudly standing on two Harry Potter books, which is a perfect picture moment.

The overall ensemble is adorable and is enhanced by the fact that the dog is extremely adorable. If Harry were a dog, this dog would definitely be him.

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Via: Michael Kindt