The Warpia Wireless Docking Station

Laptop users have grown significantly in the last decade with every home and office having, at least, one laptop. Since it is convenient to carry around, laptops are now the preferred play, work, and entertainment station. Users often connect their laptops to bigger monitors, such as a desktop or the television, for a widescreen media experience.

A cable is used to connect the laptop to either a desktop or a television. Once the cable is plugged in the connecting slot, users can view the content of the laptops on the big screen. The problem with cables is that they can be messy and tie the user up in knots. The other problem is that once the laptop is connected to a bigger monitor, it cannot be moved around.

In an age of Bluetooth, wire-free gaming, and wireless connectivity, time has come for an alternative to the laptop cable. The Warpia Wireless Laptop Docking Station is that alternative and offers a wire-free alternative to users who wish to connect their laptops to widescreen monitors. Warpia consists of a sleek, black USB device and a wireless docking station.

The wireless docking station features Wisair WSR601 single chip and UltraSpeed technologies. As a result, Warpia is able to achieve a powerful wireless signal that functions throughout the room. Its wire-free nature allows users to walk out with their laptops out of the room and immediately reconnect when they enter the room again. Warpia’s docking station features two USB slots and a 3.5 mm audio jack out.

Warpia Wireless Laptop Docking Station is compatible with both PC and Mac. Necessary softwares and drivers are provided along with a user manual and a Quick Start Guide. On the computer screen, the wireless connector supports resolutions up to1400x1050 pixels and a 32-bit true color depth for high quality images. You could stream videos, photos, and online content from your laptop to the PC.

If the user wishes to connect their laptop to a TV screen, all that they need to do is plug in the Warpia docking station to the DVI or VGA port of the television. The docking station recognizes the laptop in the room and hooks up to it via the wireless signal. The users can then stream movies or videos and watch it on the big screen.

The Warpia Wireless Laptop Docking Station is currently available on Amazon for a very economical $119.99 and comes with a one year warranty.

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