20 Wonderful Miniature Weapons

More often than none, war inspires art. The deadly weapons have gained themselves a unique position in temporary art, ranging from imposing home ornaments to beautiful engraving patterns. You don’t have to be a serial killer to admire the delicacy and power of these 20 miniature weapons listed below. They can be old school weapons like guns, cannons, or futuristic sci-fi toys like Star Wars Lightsaber, District 9 Arc Generator, etc.

Deadly Tiny Cannon

As small as a finger nail, this cannon can make the most timid kid utter in awe for its cuteness. But don’t let its appearance fool you, this miniature cannon holds the power as fearful as that of the real one. With little gunpowder, a steel ball, and a cigarette to light the fuse, this tiny toy can dig a hole through a coke can, destroy a light bulb, or smash a glass mug into thousands of pieces.

Microminiature Tank

Made of entirely gold, this tiny tank can rest on the open face of a sliced apple seed. It was created by Aldunin from Moscow as part of his microminiature art collection. The artist uses superglue, syringes, and toothpicks as his tools. Source 1

Microminiature AK-47

It took 6 months for Aldunin to finish this microminiature masterpiece. This mini AK-47 is made of gold, and consists of 34 individual parts. It is so tiny that it can be housed comfortably inside the head of a matchstick. Source 1

World’s Smallest Working Revolver

A product from the Swiss gunsmith SwissMiniGun was officially crowned the world’s smallest working revolver by Guinness World Records. Less than 2.2 inches long, this revolver has all the features of a real-sized gun,  and is powerful enough to kill you from short range. This tiny lethal toy is banned in the US. Source 1

Metallic Pulse Striker Miniature

This green Metallic Pulse Striker Miniature was created by Pete the Builder’s Studio as part of his “Retro Tech” line. At about 3 inches long, it comes with a display base and stand, also made of wood. Source 1

Admiral Forsythes Hand Canon Retro Ray Gun

Another creation from Pete the Builder’s Studio, this miniature is a classic, retro rendition of a sci-fi ray gun. Even though it looks like it is metal, this ray gun is made 100% from wood. Its “top barrel” length as well as its longest dimension is about 2.5 inches long. Source 1

16th Century British Wheel Lock Pistol

This 1/6 scale 16th Century British wheel lock pistol was beautifully crafted by Xu Yan from China, a country where private gun ownership is prohibited. The gun consists of 56 separate parts. The pistol is complete with a presentation case and tools needed to load and fire the weapon. Source 1

Imperial Italian Guard’s Match Lock

This 1/7 scale Imperial Italian Guard’s match lock was completed by Xu Yan in 2002. It is 129 mm long and consists of 31 separate parts made from brass, iron, and redwood. Source 1

Japanese Type 89 Grenade Launcher

Another masterpiece from Xu Yan’s miniature weapon collection is this 1:12.5 Scale Japanese Type 89 Grenade Launcher from WW II. The model is about 49 mm long, and actually launches a model grenade tube over 3.3 meters. Source 1

Miniature Lightsaber

Have you ever fancied yourself as Seth or Jedi in Star Wars with the fancy lightsabers? If yes, hold your breath because we are about to tell you that you can build your own lightsaber too! You will need to learn about lasers, lenses, visible light, plasma, and the electromagnetic spectrum. For the light to work, get the rechargeable Lithium-ion 100 mAh battery. This mini lightsaber is just 8.25” in size and looks exactly like the “real” one.

Star Wars Chop Sabers

Asians have an amazing imagination. Who else would be able to find the similarity between the magnificent Star Wars lightsaber and their mediocre chopsticks? Those Star Wars chop sabers are about 20cm long and sold at $12.99.

District 9 Arc Generator

WETA recently revealed the second release in their new District 9 Miniature Guns Collection: the explosive Arc Generator. Captured in a 1/4 scale; the weapon measures approximately 9.8″ long, including the display stand. Constructed of die-cast metal, the Arc Generator weighs in at 2.4lbs. Source 1

Magnetic Accelerator Cannon

The magnetic cannon will not only make a dangerous weapon but only a fun lesson for physics lovers. It  has a narrow, straight shaped wooden body with a three-chamber steel railing fixed on the wooden body by seven silver screws. The metallic balls are powerful magnets, and when the extra ball is loaded into the cannon, it moves and transfers energy to the next ball,  and to the next ball until the ball at the edge of the cannon flies out straight into the target.

Miniature Cannon with Spokes

This model cannon was made by Jose Rivera, and features spoke wheels with offset spokes and segmented rims just like the real thing. Source 1

Miniature Catapult Siege Weapon

Fans of The Lord of the Rings are no stranger to those classic yet terrifying catapults. You don’t have to go back to medieval era to admire the power of this siege weapon. This 12-inch tall miniature catapult is available at $79. It comes with iron balls. Source 1

Miniature Steampunk Tank

With the impressive dimension of only 75 x 65 x 65mm, this miniature tank is a reminiscence of the steampunk era because of its metallic structure. This stunning looking miniature was created by Rafa Maya from cardboard, recycled plastic, and paint. You can buy it from Diarment Creations for $41.

Steampunk Swiss Knife Gun

This miniature Steampunk gun can be considered to be an eligible replacement for the Swiss knife without taking any glory away from it. Consisting of a customary fork, knife, spoon, bottle opener, screwdriver, lighter, watch, and even a USB based flash drive, this Steampunk gun is everything except a gun.

Katana Sword Letter Opener

If our respectful Samurais in the past used the long, sharp, and curved Katana sword to slash through the enemies’ bodies, our generation today cannot think of anything else other than using this legendary sword to open a letter! This word, made up of stainless steel, is just 6.5 inches long while the entire Samurai Katana Letter Opener set comprises of the sword, the sheath, and its very own stand at the price of only $5.95. No wonder why it is said that young generations are degrading.

Miniature Chinese Weapon Set

The set features 5 miniature Chinese weapons: 2 Miniature Chinese broadswords, 1 Chinese straight sword, 1 Han sword, and 1 metal tipped bo staff. Each weapon is a copy of its real size counterpart. Perfect for your desk decoration. Source 1

Mini Pencil Crossbow

John Austin has a knack of creating mini weapons. His book “Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction” is the guarantee that the most clumsy person can make a cute crossbow from everyday items. Arrange two pairs of pencils at right angles using a rubber band to hold them together, you will have a mini weapon ready for shooting at your mates to have fun! Source 1