The Mario & Pac-Man Skittles Art

Tasty fun comes in the shape of Mario Skittles. It is festive time and candies are all over the place. It’s time to get merry and celebrate. It is time to get creative, too. What better way to do so than with a bowl full of candy?

Yes, we all love candies and we all love video games. Who does not know of Mario, our childhood friend and hero? Let us include them in our celebrations.

Skittles candies and the little wonderful game character Mario have come together to usher in the festive season. Sounds pretty weird but is true. Skittles come in a variety of color and color is the spirit of fun. Grab a bowl full of Skittles and start creating your favorite figures.

Take a look at this Mario figure created by bringing together numerous Skittles candies. The hat, hair, clothes and the moustache – all very typical Mario style. Every little detail has been taken care of. You take one glance at it and you know that it is our very own Mario. A very innovative and creative idea executed to perfection. Nintendo guys must be beaming with the very new addition to the long list of Mario fan stuff they often get to see.

The fan following for this little wonderful character can be seen in various walks of life. This is just one more of those loving gestures from a fan. There would hardly be anyone who has not been familiar with Mario. Mario is a friend for children and adults alike. We have all enjoyed having him around and helping him overcome obstacles to reach his destination. Generations have changed but the charm that Mario exudes remains the same.

And not forget the love and excitement that goes with the wide range of colored Skittles. They may be named Skittles but are not meant to be hit by balls. You can definitely hit them in your mouth and enjoy the melting moments. But would you want to spoil the Mario figure created out here? Sure no.

It is best to let alone this one little bit of Skittles and get your new set. And if you really want to have them make sure not to go ahead and create any new character because then you would not want to spoil your own creation or see it go to pieces. But for now shower your love on the Mario Skittles and have a new pack to munch on.

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Via: Lostateminor