Coolest Anime Christmas Ornaments

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If we had to consider the most valuable contributions to mankind from Japan, it had to be the high tech gadgets, Haiku, Sushi and Anime, and while Anime has been popular in the west only recently, it was popular in Asian countries from a very long time.

Anime for all practical purposes is animation originating from Japan, but it certainly has a character of its own to be considered as a genre. There have been both hand drawn and computer generated Anime which has been used in television series, films, video, video games, commercials, and Internet-based releases.

Manga refers to Japanese comics which feature similar characters and share the commonality of Japanese thought and culture. This Christmas, it would be awesome to have an Anime Girls and Manga Gadgets themed Christmas trees in your house and create an atmosphere of animated beauty that transports you to a land of comics, video games, story books and movies from Japan.

Christmas Tree ornaments inspired by Anime are found across the world, especially when it is growing so popular and hence, decorating your Christmas tree with Anime themed ornaments should not be difficult. Let us take a look at the many ornaments which are already available.

Lucky Star Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Lucky Star is an amazing and glossy Japanese four-panel comic strip Manga by Kagami Yoshimizu which is best known for characters like Kagami Hiiragi and Tsukasa Hiiragi. In this ornament here, you can see them both sharing a great moment in a Christmas themed scene.You could get these kind of ornaments and decorate your tree to bring the Anime feel to your Christmas.

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Haruhi Suzumiya Christmas Tree Ornaments

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If you like mystery, adventure and changes in reality, you would love the light novels by Nagaru Tanigawa called Haruhi Suzumiya. The story of the novel centers around Haruhi Suzumiyawho is a high school girl who can change reality in an unconscious manner.

Suzumia haruhi ornament












Here are some cool Haruhi ornaments which I am sure you would like a lot on your Christmas tree. If you are in a slightly melancholic mood, you would also like the Mikuru Asahina Christmas ornament.

Suzumia haruhi yuki ornament

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Bishojo Christmas Tree Ornaments

bishojo ornament












A Bishojo always features in Japanese Anime and Manga. A Bishojo is a beautiful young girl who is seen in almost all Manga and Anime. The male version of this beautiful Bishojo is a Bishonen. The beauty of a Bishojo or a Bishonen is their innocence and youth, which has a universal appeal. You could “Deck the Halls” with this amazing Bishojo Christmas tree ornament.

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Kodama Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Anime and Manga are full of Japanese supernatural beings and the most prominent ones are the Kodama. The Kodama is a spirit which is believed to live in certain trees and is similar to the Greek Dryad.

kodama ornament

If you cut down a tree where a Kodama lives, you would be cursed and would bring you great misfortune.

kodama handmade ornament










You could decorate your Christmas Tree with Kodama Ornaments and hope that no misfortune befalls you.

kodama cool ornament

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Amigurumi Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting small stuffed animals which look really cute. They have been used in Manga and Anime many times. You could take a look at this cute Amigurumi Christmas teddy bear.

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Yotsuba Koiwai Christmas Tree Ornaments

yotsuba ornament










If you are a great fan of Yotsuba Koiwai, you could check out his cute Yotsuba Christmas tree ornament which would brighten up your Xmas. Yotsuba is a fictional character from the self titled comedy Manga series and known for naiveté and childish energy.

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Naruto Christmas Tree Ornaments

naruto ornament

Naruto is an epic Manga series whose plot tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki. It is a story of honour, pride and the need for power. With great wisdom and artistic beauty, Naruto tells the story of humans who are caught in a struggle. These Naruto ornaments would add up to your anime/Manga themed Christmas tree.

naruto teddy bear ornament

You could also check out Itachi Uchiha ornament.

naruto itachi teddy bear ornament

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Bleach Christmas Tree Ornaments

ichigo rukia ornament

Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki are famous for their roles in the Anime and Manga franchise “Bleach”. The Bleach tells the story of protecting people from evil spirits called hollows and sending the good spirits to Soul Society. These Ichigo and Rukia ornaments look great and the Christmas tree would not be complete with them.

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The Adventures of Hamtaro Christmas Tree Ornaments

hamtaro ornament

The Adventures of Hamtaro is one of the most popular children’s storybook series in Japan. Get this brave master called Hamtaro on your Christmas tree for a cool Anime themed Christmas.

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Domo Kum Christmas Tree Ornaments

domo kun ornament

Domo Kun is the mascot of Japan’s NHK TV channel but has been replicated in Anime and Manga several times. Get this cool Domo Kum ornament for your Christmas tree!

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Kokeshi Christmas Tree Ornaments

kokeshi ornament

Like the Russians have Matryoshka dolls, the Japanese have the Kokeshi. These wooden handmade dolls are simple but beautiful. These days, they are featured regularly in Anime and Manga. Take a look at these cool Kokeshi Christmas ornaments.

kokeshi wooden ornament

It may be a little out of the box to decorate your Christmas tree with Anime themed ornaments, but trust me you would not regret it!

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